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    UTS Chatter Thread New UTS city campus tour video if anyone is intrested
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    2013 Autumn Semester Timetables (UTS)

    Re: UTS timetables ok sweet, thanks heaps for your help. Yer ill see if that lecture will go anywhere else.
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    2013 Autumn Semester Timetables (UTS)

    Re: UTS timetables Is there anything wrong with this timetable? Will I have enough time to walk between classes?
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    2013 UTS Offers

    I got an offer (accepted) to civil engineering with structures specialisation. Date made: 3/1/13 Looking forward to the best uni! Although my engineering timetable is pretty intense =(
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    Ah it was like a tv cabinet built to hold speakers
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    yer, i have
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    Overall Ranks Estimate Please

    School Rank: 47 Business Studies 64 / 112 Design and Technology 11 / 44 English (Advanced) 226 / 255 Mathematics 71 / 114 Physics 41 / 60 Software Design and Development 6 / 8 (Most likely wont count) Thanks Guys
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Would anyone mind taking a couple of quick pictures of the multi choice so i can check my answers. I threw the paper out =( Thanks
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    Belonging Short Answer Answers

    Mostly, but i need help with my structuring, and what is needed for what kind of questions. E.g. remembering to provide an evaluation after technique and quote, for some questions
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    Belonging Short Answer Answers

    Does anybody have, or know where I can find full answers to some short answer questions (Trial or HSC). I want full written out answers, not just "answers may include:" as I battle with English.Thanks guys, good luck in the HSC!
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    Questions about the new syllabus

    1. How much can I rely on old HSC past papers (I am currently working from the excel book) 2. What are the big changes to it (what's new, what don't I need to know) 3. What is the deal with the new format? Its only on one topic for the extended response? any other changes? 4. What are your guys...
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    Atar Estimate Please

    well my school gave me an estimate of 85(exactly) and told me that if I was too improve my English I be looking at about 90. Do you guys agree? 90 is my goal =]
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    Atar Estimate Please

    Estimate Please School rank: 47 English Advanced: 220/255 (I was above average last year =[) Maths (not general): 72/114 Physics: 37/60 (exam was good, but prac marks are bad) Business: 65/112 Design and Technology: 7/44 Software: 6/8 (not counting atm) Thanks