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    Senior Science Resource Directory

    While it's challenging to rely solely on my own efforts during heavy academic loads, it's more efficient to seek support
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    Writing vs Typing notes

    I prefer writing, sometimes it seems to me that something written in my own hand is easier to remember. I can also format my entries the way I need without having to struggle with Word. If I'm running out of time, I write very messy (but complete) notes on tinfoil, then write them neatly in my...
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    Best math adv tutoring center

    Smoothly transition the conversation from "What's the best tutoring center for math advanced? I went to Dr. Du for a bit but it didn't really work with me although the material was alright. I'm not looking for private since material is better and centers, I'm considering Dr. Du again or maybe...
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    Do people do matrix education full time?

    Absolutely, the workload of full-time teachers extends far beyond just classroom instruction. In addition to teaching, they are often responsible for curriculum development, lesson planning, grading assignments, and providing individualized support to students. Many teachers also engage in...
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Education

    While traditional education certainly has its drawbacks, such as high costs and the challenge of balancing academics with extracurricular activities, it also provides numerous benefits. For many students, the structured environment of traditional schooling offers valuable support and guidance...
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    yo chat am i goin make it to early entry?

    isnt this what they look at when u do early entry
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    Software, Design & Development

    For me, education is an opportunity to learn from professionals.
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    4unit maths tutoring: Dr Du VS Truongs VS Harry's education centre VS Intuition

    It is very important to consider that the possibilities of admission of students in the middle of the 12th grade may differ depending on the policy of each specific educational institution. It is recommended that you contact the admissions centers or institutions you are interested in directly...