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    General Thoughts - CAFS Exam 2007

    Re: general thoughts Yeah I thought it wasnt too bad. It was easier than past years but yeah some of the extended responses were crap.
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    i agree. i was really struggling with it. i focused on different parts of the syllabus when i was studying.. so had no idea for both extended responses. so much harder than the trials.
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    Q21 such a bad question. I thought it was heaps general & everyone started leaving the exam after about an hour. For emerging markets - aged people, ecotourism, students/people studying who usually work in the industry, intrastate tourists umm i think that was it. Government - like most people...
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    CSSA Trial

    that question was so stupid. i didnt know what part of the course it was askign about? i just made up stuff bout polluting the environment & obeying laws? really had no idea.
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    hosp just common knowledge???

    yeh im pretty sure it is just common knowledge... its not really an academic subject. good luck with the exams.