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    log question help please!!!

    was the answer x=2
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    PAL College Cabramatta INSIGHT?

    you tell them gordon
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    How to make an airbag

    For a physics assignment we were asked to design and construct an airbag that closely replicates a real air bag in its response when struck by a moving object. My idea was to place vinegar and baking soda in a ziplock bag but i dont noe how to keep the 2 separated so that it will react on impact
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    Prelim Eco Assignment

    Re: Eco Assignment umm electrolysis may i ask y the cost of production will be less
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    Prelim Eco Assignment

    Re: Eco Assignment ok thanks for that tim
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    Prelim Eco Assignment

    Re: Eco Assignment about a paragrapg plus the graph
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    Prelim Eco Assignment

    Hey for my eco assignment we are asled to identify how a 10 dollar sales tax on the price of beef will effect the supply and demand curve. Could someone please help
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    Can you complete the stat test in year 11?

    i was wondering if it is possible to complete the stat test in year 11 and is it really hard to get a mark of 150+
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    Interruptions in Exams?

    hey wat school was this at ? and gl wit ur new exam on monday
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    Future Plans (UAI/Uni/Tafe/Job)

    Re: Where do you see yourself in the future? Id like to see myself at the camperdown campus of usyd doing an advanced science degree.
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    Hey 08er's

    HSC starts 2morrow, is everyone well prepared for it? Aniways Good Luck to everyone sitting their hsc 2morrow may God bless you all and i hope u all fulfill ur lifelong dreams.
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    Truongs Maths Tutoring, any comments?

    Re: Fairfield Troung's recommendation - English miss diab is the best nah u dont have to join science at troung but u have to do maths and its very unlikely that ull get into her class because troung picks the names of the people who are going in the class from a hat. Troung told us there is...
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    Future Plans: What ATAR/course/job are you aiming for?

    Re: What UAI/course are you aiming for? Thant guys for the good suggestions but I didn't choose engi studies because our school is not suited to teach it
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    ngo and sons in fairfield and peak science in canley heights
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    ASX Sharemarket Game Help!

    macquarie banks shares has plumetted from a 52 week high of 90 dollars down to 32.10 so i dont think thats a good investmen and rio tinto was also in the high 140's
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    my tutoring for ex1 maths is 250 a term and the guy is really good all his students for ex1 get 90 + in hsc. English is 250 Miss Diab is really good and the physics and chem teacher charges 500 for a term and his classes are really really really really good because he explains in great detail he...
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    is matrix actually ranked as the best coaching centre is there like some list that shows that
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    We should be studying...

    you cant estimate ones uai with 6 units of work u need at least 10
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    Math Ratio

    why dont u just multiple 2 by 4 and 3 by 5 and u get ur ratio