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    Malouf/WW: Evaluate the relationships between texts and contexts

    I did Wordsworth and Malouf last year and got a Band 6, this is just what i included! For Wordsworth, I discussed Romanticism and Pantheism as two important influences. So this basically covers the fact that freedom of expression was central to Romanticism and this is evident in the way that...
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    Official HSC results.

    Drama - 86/92 = 89 English (Advanced) - 95/91 = 93 English Extension One - 48/43 = 46 Modern History - 93/93 = 93 2U Religion - 93/89 = 91 French Beginners - 99/99 = 99 (fifth in state) I was so stoked with everything! Did a lot better than I thought I would've.
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    Post Your UAI's Here

    98.7. The course I want to do needs thats okay.
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    French Beginners

    I thought it was alright!! I thought the last section of the listening was kinda hardish but reading and writing were pretty easy!
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    I did it for section 3. I was actually really glad the question wasn't on ethics or significant practice! I did Hildegard of Bingen and it wasn't too hard at all! :)
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    Pages written

    Module: Texts and Ways of Thinking Elective: Retreat from the Global Pages For Essay: 16 Pages for Creative: 9 Total: 25 All in all, I didn't think the paper was too bad. The questions were pretty fair!