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    i'm doing it a usyd! First off i applied to do the PQA test and i think it costs $60.. just check it out on the site then soon after i did the test...if you pass that you get offered an interview ..then they look at your uai and this yr the threshold was pushed up to 83...
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    to any moderator!

    who knows... u'll never know until you try! not only for the B dent or BOH.. but people with queries as well.
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    to any moderator!

    100 dentistry students and 40 oral health first yrs ,well now 38...and there is year 2 and 3 b oral health as well.
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    oral health is soo intresting i'd rather do it twice and be an expert at it!.. i am currently doing oral health
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    to any moderator!

    please make a sub link "Faculty of Dentistry"...why is it not on=[
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    BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! - UPDATED 19/1

    shannY - Bachelor of Oral health I =D
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    chem tutor available (free trial lesson for interested students)

    I'm one of Amy’s ex-students and i recommend this to anyone who wants a boost in their mark and rank in Chemistry!!... At the end of the first half of the year I was coming 3rd out of 17 students with an examination mark of 70%. I was unhappy with my mark and decided to get a chemistry tutor...
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    PQA test done! - Now the interview?

    Re: PQA test done=] the interview-__- yep, they sent a letter saying i got an interview!!=]
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    PQA test done! - Now the interview?

    hey! i'm an o6'er and was hoping the present oral health students can give everyone else who is aiming to get into B Oral Health some pointers to help us in the interview=] so we won't walk away crying... much appreciated! shannY=]
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    PQA TEST on mondayy..

    this test is to get into B Oral Health at syd uni. personal quialities assesment... that's all i know and i'm doing it tomorrow-________-
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    please predict my uai!!

    Chemistry 90% 2 / 17 English (Standard) 70% 20 / 88 Mathematics Extension 1 80% 4 / 14 Mathematics Extension 2 50% 6 / 7 Physics 75% 5 / 11 would i be asking too much for 90UAI
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    PQA TEST on mondayy..

    is anyone else doing this test??.. if yes have you been preparing for it. though they say you can't be and umat can't be BUT so many people went tutoring for umat-.- shannY=]
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    Option: Medical

    i loved it!! it was the first thing i did!! did the exam backwards=]
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    dent at griffith

    adding on to what spo888 has just said, nsw oral health is taking people in varying uai between 70-100.. because we don't want a geek who has no people skills handling your teeth..
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    PQA test

    does anyone have the faintest idea how this exam works? and if you have done this exam already can you please leave some feedback or tipps. thanks! shannY__=]
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    context 2

    does anyone have medical phys answers? PM asap please!
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    neeed Biochem tutor

    please PM if you tutor the option topic "biochemistry" asap
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    doesn't anyone do biochem.. if you have PM
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    Need physics tutor in bankstown *urgent-.-*

    please pm ...-.-
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    Prison Break (Australian tv followers - no spoilers)

    there is going to be a season two=].. and what episode is released now? the torrents keep on jumping and missing an episode. i'm up to episode 19(the key) missing out on 18(the bluff)