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  1. pearla

    people at usyd

    Fuck off man whats wrong with pauls. as if they have an attitude btw. what college r u at
  2. pearla

    PINs and other crap

    does anyone know if the UAC pin is the same as the BOS pin? and if you had your BOS pin re-issued like 5 times is the UAC pin updated to be the same again? or something?? pelase help
  3. pearla

    Ext 2 English

    im spewing i got 47 in my internal asses, 41 in the mw. and i put heaps of time itno it.. hav a geez... its pretty complicated - id describe it as a non-linear hypertext alternate history narrative. pps. HSC mark of 44 for those of you who can't average 2 marks haha...
  4. pearla

    inflation essay

    No if you forfget to add statistics you will fail. Sorry
  5. pearla

    How much you mofos write?!

    14 then 13
  6. pearla

    microeconomic policy

    MER has heaps more to it than just the deregulation of Forex and financial markets and the labour markets. By encouraging productivity by 'REFORM(ation)' of areas of the economy they make it easier for business to be conducted under more free and liberal conditions.. Starting with the...
  7. pearla


    but really there is sooooooooooo little to talk about on ESD. like, a page of information. i dont think it could ever stand by itself as a essay q worth 20 marks. Itd be euither a short answer q or part of a globalisation q.
  8. pearla

    Cranbrook 2003

    yeah every non gps person get out of this thread. cept the cranbrook guy with the paper. he can stay. and any other cranbrook guy with the paper. no one else. from now on we ahve to do the secret gps handshake when we enter, agreed?
  9. pearla

    The Matrix

    it was pretty good... tho it was pretty stupid of me to go b4 ext 1 but oh well, im an idiot. I want one of those fat suits with the guns n shit n stuff
  10. pearla

    intro for changing self ques 3

    just talk about the first one your going ot talk about, like link it into the question, then talk about that one. Then, once your done, just move into the next ones
  11. pearla

    is deckard the 6th replicant?

    In an interview with Ridley Scott he says that it is meant to be open to interpretation. Deckard's eyes glow towards the end of the film for a second, and when deckard walks out with his biatch right at the end and finds the unicorn, it is meant to confirm for those who saw his eyes glow that he...
  12. pearla

    Le Morte D'Arthur (Yr11)

    The guy who wrote it was a member of teh Order of teh Knights Templar and the whole story can be read as a puzzle about the location/history of the Holy Grail (Which, coincidentally, is not a cup or anything but a stone, and may in fact be the Arc of the Covenant)
  13. pearla

    who wants to test me??

    or... u know.. something
  14. pearla

    who wants to test me??

    hey balerina person long time no see i do all your english subjects but i cant use msn at school. if u get ICQ then u and i can chat 4 EVAAAA
  15. pearla

    Possible Economics Quesitons...??

    ahh.... of course
  16. pearla

    Possible Economics Quesitons...??

    what is SA?? ESD being Ecologicaly Sustainable development, what is SA?
  17. pearla

    Possible Economics Quesitons...??

    Well our teacher is pretty certain that since there hasnt been a Exchange rates Question in the New HSC 2002 HSC Essay Questions: 25. Explain the role of microeconomic policies in assisting structural change in the Australian economy. 26. Explain how the Federal Government can use...
  18. pearla

    China Case Study

    Did people actually produce case studies?? We just did a few essays, wrote notes, watched tv n shit for our case study. The main thing to know is how globalisation can be shown to have an effect (so 4 china u need all the trade figures, Increases in FDI, etc) and then u can also show that it...
  19. pearla

    US ag policy - CAP retaliation

    Its called the US self-centered act to piss off every agricultural based nation in the world, ensure that the third world remains in poverty and in our debt and at the same time lets further antagonise the muslims coz we all know that it is good fun Policy 2000
  20. pearla

    Cranbrook 2003

    yeah yay for sbhs... lets just get beaten in evrything