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    32/40 Major Work on Holocaust Film

    80% Major work with references
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    19/20 Essay on Viticulture

    Essay that received 95% when replicated in in-class exam conditions
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    20/20 Barangaroo, Millers Point Fieldwork Report

    This includes many urban dynamics in the Barangaroo (town or suburb) case study.
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    20/20 Great Barrier Reef case study PODCAST SCRIPT

    Top mark Great Barrier Reef case study assesment
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    Band 6 Geography COMPLETE Syllabus Notes (HSC 2020)

    This a complete summary of the entire HSC geography Syllabus, with relevant case studies and evidence for each topic.
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    Band 6 Viticulture (PPE) COMPLETE Syllabus Notes (2020 HSC)

    Well structured and highly detailed notes of a high achieving Geography Student. Includes Tamburlaine Winery as local case study.
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    Band 6 Urban Places COMPLETE Syllabus Notes (2020 HSC)

    This is a highly detailed and well-structured summary. Includes evidence for the Barangaroo case study for an assessment that I received 20/20 for. Also includes Sydney case study.
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    Band 6 Ecosystems at Risk COMPLETE Syllabus Notes (2020 HSC)

    Highly detailed and Well structured notes of a Band 6 Geography student. This includes the case studies of The Great Barrier Reef and The Great Sandy Desert.
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    The Crucible (quotes and analysis)

    This is a table made in prep for the HSC with a variety of quotes, themes and analysis to fit with the crucible 'texts and the human experience'