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    English Advanced Notes

    Not that I'm aware of. It's a .tk domain that redirects to a one page site on OptusNet, and the only other files are the PDFs. Any ads/spyware maybe there as part of the .tk extension, and out of my control. First time on BOS in a number of years, I'm about to finish uni, and my notes are...
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    Academic Achievement Award question

    Australia Post will get it to the UNSW mailing centre. From there, internal mail staff ensures mail gets to the correct office on campus.
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    Academic Achievement Award question

    That's fine. Our mail people know where to send it.
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    READ ME: Science degree FAQs

    Its in the works - earliest would be 2008. Probably 2009 I say.
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    Medical Science query

    Nope, but I'm doing it!
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    Science Enrolment, Subject Questions.

    SCIF1111 replaces both SCIF1110 and 2220. Med Sc students now do SCIF1111. For students who completed SCIF1110 in S2, 2006, they can do SCIF2220 this year. SCIF1110 is no longer offered. So if you did them backwards (SCIF2220 first) then you lose out on 3UOC unfortunately.
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    How hard is getting distinctions in B Comm?

    On the flipside, I've spoken to HR and the asked them what do they look for. Without any hesitation, she replied, "Marks". For graduates - they look for marks firstly, then cull. I think the rationale is because within the 'high-achievers' there are bound to be a few all-rounders. Why look...
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    Kensington Campus- WHICH STREETS TO BUY?

    There's a new block of apartments in Kensington (Anzac Parade) - one bus stop away from the main gate at uni. PS. I read the thread title - it sounded like a game of Monopoly...
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    How hard is getting distinctions in B Comm?

    Really, it's not that hard. Consistency is the key. Stay on top of your work and keep up to date
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    hours in science :(

    Haha. Sounds like they have a bad reputation. What exactly were you asking? Which two "bio courses" were you asking about? If you were talking about BIOS1201, BIOS1101 - they run in different semesters. You also can't do BIOC2101 and BIOC2181 at the same time, they are excluded(they are like...
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    winter session maximum load?

    It shouldn't matter. Apparently, the limit is normal like S1, S2, not reduced. But the system has been designed so that you can't fill it up anyway- because the classes will clash.
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    job prospects for B Eco graduates - good/bad?

    Job prospects are fantastic. In the end it boils down to you, your personality, attitude and marks.
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    Need Help with B com/B sci is it a compatoble degree

    It's a very compatible degree. Heck you don't have to do 'compatible' majors, some people are doing 'interesting' combinations. You can do totally different things in each degree if you want! Based on my experience with fellow Comm/Sci People, the most popular majors that people pick in...
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    combined actuarial studies/mathematics

    You can't overload in first year. Unless, of course you visit the ever-so-shifty Dr Trenery, he will do anything if the price is right! The Faculties of Business and Science will flat-out reject any overloads in first year. Don't even bother trying with them, go see Maths instead.
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    how to inform them of ur major

    Holdup Karen. I'm guessing you are 2nd year in 2007 - and you won't need to fill out the AS or SM forms. This form is only for final year or honours year students. If you want to declare your major, just email us at
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    how to inform them of ur major

    Or email the Science Student Centre at Or you can tell Faculty of Business - they can update you on the system too. The email will do the same thing as the paper form - it will go on your file. Make sure you email it from your student email address, include your full name...
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    Safety, Health and Environment - SESC1001

    SESC1001 cannot be undertaken if you have less than 48UOC left in your program.
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    session 2 results

    NEITHER DO I :santa:
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    General Education (Gen Ed) FAQ

    You can substitute up to 6UOC of mainstream courses as a general education, pending approval from your program authority. If it is approved, just remember that it excludes you from doing any more General Education Courses from that faculty. So to summarise: 12UOC of General Education...
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    Nebuchanezzar: let me just remind you that the school of chemistry operating at a loss is different to the entire UNSW operating at a loss. If UNSW were to operate at a loss, it wouldn't be around. If you really want to know, UNSW has previously been a 'degree factory' (and it still is). As...