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  1. Emph

    How THICK is your journal?

    i think i ended up with 2 or 3 A4 120pg exercise books which weighed a couple of kilos in total.
  2. Emph

    the diary!!

    pfft no. you NEED feedback! the more the better! just get rid off everything that identifies anything about you... ie your gender, suburb, teacher, school etc etc. the markers dont try to be bias but you never know
  3. Emph

    Ideal time to complete drafts

    i think my first draft was done some time in april. dont remember exactly but around then osunds right. seriously PLEASE dont leave it till july august because you'll probably be preoccupied with Trials and other assessments and you may as well have ee2 out of the way. mental breakdowns are...
  4. Emph

    struggling with reflection statement !! ??

    reflection statement already?! geez i dont even think i was that organised and that is really saying something!!! yes the word limit was a bit restrictive but it was also good because it made me be concise. no time for waffling. i did manage to fit everything in. just figure out what you NEED...
  5. Emph

    Quoting "real" literature/songs/films

    hell yeah you can use other quotes! my major word had a tonne of them because well i cant be bothered to explain but they were there. and i used endnotes instead of footnotes because footnotes annoy me. but whatever.
  6. Emph

    Rules and Restrictions on Content

    this is probably very unhelpful but there are some guidlines on what is deemed appropriate because we were given a board of studies outline about it last year. i dont still have it and dont know where you'd find it, but there is one.
  7. Emph

    shit timetable

    my timetable is ok. 4 days a week either morning or afternoon. longest wait is one and a half hours. pretty good.
  8. Emph

    Post your 2007 University Offers Here!

    BA Comm (writing and cultural studies) at UTS city!
  9. Emph

    Teachers and their reactioons to HSC/UAI

    they forgot to invite me to our morning tea at school for everyone with uai of 90+. so cut!
  10. Emph

    A lower HSC mark that counted towards your UAI than a higher one..

    yeh my IPT was higher than my Modern History mark, but ipt didnt count. But I dont care- i trust the scaling process was all fair.
  11. Emph


    experiment with a few and see what works. just avoid the cliches.
  12. Emph


    yeah we ran out of booklets so ALL the supervisors went to have a loud meeting in the adjoining kitchen about it and theu were so friggen loud we couldnt concentrate and there were girls with their hands up for more booklets but no supervisors in the room to give them out!
  13. Emph

    Time you studied today??

    I do four study sessions a day of an hour and a half. So that's six hours a day.
  14. Emph

    2006 Ext 2ers FINISHED!!!

    I am Em (Emma, Emph, Emphiness, Hinsie, Nerd... or whatever else you people call me!) I wrote one short story on the suicide of Virginia Woolf from a number of perspectives and mediums. It was called "Life by Water. death by Water." I handed my stuff in on monday and was fairly distraught...
  15. Emph

    Final Journal Weigh In

    My journals were at 2.5 kg. Never weighed the MW or RS... but they were 45 pages combined.
  16. Emph

    Oh. My. God

    I put mine in today. It was Hell.
  17. Emph

    New Word Limit Question - Important, please reply

    ah... but one should always back up thier facts! But true... perhaps I was a bit harsh :(
  18. Emph

    warning - don't set ur expectations too high

    The markers better friggin like it more than I do!!!!
  19. Emph

    New Word Limit Question - Important, please reply

    From LIMIT The point, edge, or line beyond which something cannot or may not proceed. limits The boundary surrounding a specific area; bounds: within the city limits. A confining or restricting object, agent, or influence. The greatest or least amount, number, or extent...
  20. Emph

    Does IPT complete you?

    Ipt Is The Worst Subject Ever!!!!