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    Practice essay of 2019's 'Great Expectations' HSC question.

    Submitted for feedback and given a 20/20 after trials. Focuses heavily on the role and subsequent disenfranchisement of women/adopted mothers in Dickens' novel.
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    19/20 Literature Review

    Second assessment of the EE2 course! I received a 19/20, and a 44/50 as my final course mark. :)
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    Complete summaries of Salem Witch Trials historians!

    Lots of quotes and evidence included to support viewpoints/perspectives. Achieved a 46 in the 2023 HSC exam!
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    37/40 major work

    My major work I did earlier this year! Focused on Mao and differing Western perspectives of his role during the 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution, focusing on; those who blame Mao entirely, those who absolve Mao of his machiavellian intent, and the more nuanced perspectives. Annotated bibliography...
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    History Extension exam thoughts

    herodotus is like the basis of every single one of my essays haha; usually contrasted with Thucydides so I can make that paragraph actually big enough
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    Deciding on Ext2 English for 2024

    Hi! I did my English Extension 2 critical response this year on the cultural limitations of Kristeva's theory of abjection, and I analysed horror films from America and China :) It is totally possible for you to view a film through context and themes, and it could even be cool for you to...