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    Hi peter lol

    Hi peter lol
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    Comp 1911

    I took a look at the paper. Given two hours, it didn't seem overly difficult. Question four may have been the only challenging one, remembering the syntax of fgets/fscanf, etc., but then again, you could've always searched them in the unix manual ;) CSE are quite lenient. For example, if you...
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    C compiler

    Because all your work will be in the one place, rather than having to put it all on a USB flash drive, emailing it to yourself, or using some other cloud storage. Not to mention that it gives you practice using the command line, which all CSE students will be using over the next 3-4 years. Works...
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    C compiler

    If that is the case, I still think it's easier to forward X11 and just use gedit or kedit/kwrite/kate. Compiling will be easy since it's already all set up and it's guaranteed to work when they (the auto marker) test it assuming it works when you test it.
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    C compiler

    Where exactly are you downloading it to? Your computer or CSE's? At any rate, perhaps the easiest solution when trying to work from home (or anywhere else, for that matter) is to SSH into your CSE account and do what you'd normally do if you were on one of the CSE lab computers. CSE Taggi...
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    commerce textbooks FINS + ACCT (1st year)

    Re: commerce textbooks (1st year) Lol? Is that even legal?
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    So how do you muck up in the interview?

    Cause that can't possibly be a reason of why somebody would want a career in medicine, right?
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    Who got into BComm with bonus points?

    So you got in when it used to be "more prestigious"? When the cutoff was whatever it is now minus five? I'd approach that article with a degree of skepticism if I were you. I recall reading that a year or two ago (or perhaps it was a similar article by the SMH); the basis of the article was a...
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    lower uai's on website

    Because the Australian Government is funding more Commonwealth-supported places - enough to replace all those DFEE places.
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    No. When transferring between faculties or from a program with a lower UAI cut-off into a program with a higher UAI cut-off, you are required to apply via UAC. Provided you meet the requirements for the course you wish to enrol into, you are able to take any course you want.
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    HD Average

    Out of curiosity, you wouldn't happen to know where that list is published, would you? The list for the ASB and Faculty of Law are published on their respective websites but I cannot locate the one for the Faculty of Science (in fact, I didn't even know they had one until you mentioned it).
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    Bored of Studies UNSW Rollcall 2009

    Look at the person's post count and join date. Obviously, that person created a new account just to post that. Even if he/she did get a 59.20, so what? In any case, I wouldn't be making fun of a person with a supposed UAI of 59.20 if I weren’t intelligent enough to recognise that that was a...
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    For students of the School of Computer Science and Engineering:
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    Easier courses = easier to achieve good grades? ( HD or D)

    Granted, but I still stand by the fact that Higher Chemistry isn't labelled as "Higher" for no reason. At any rate, I believe we have answered the OP's question.
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    Easier courses = easier to achieve good grades? ( HD or D)

    I've seen the content of CHEM1011. It isn't difficult. You think CHEM1011 is dense? I wonder what that makes CHEM1031. I have friends that failed CHEM1031. They did CHEM1011. They thought it was so easy and were in fact the ones who told me a lot of the content was similar to what they had...
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    Easier courses = easier to achieve good grades? ( HD or D)

    Isn't it CHEM1031 Higher Chemistry 1C? Anyway, from what I heard in 2008, there were more HDs and Ds in CHEM1011/1021 than in CHEM1031/1041. I did the latter. CHEM1011 seems to be a revision on HSC Chemistry content and CHEM1021 is a simplified version of CHEM1031. Survivor39, that may be...
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    help with major in BCommerce/BScience

    Science (Advanced Mathematics) or a single/double major in mathematics and/or statistics is the popular choice. As for the commerce component, you will not be recognised for more than one commerce major.
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    Summer Sesh.

    Lol, you love chemistry? You should've done CHEM1031/CHEM1041 High Chemistry 1C/1D =/
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    HSC Plus bonus points