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  1. pablo34

    Option to retake HSC

    whatever helps you sleep at night...
  2. pablo34

    Option to retake HSC

    Mate go fuck yourself, you're only in year 10 talking with such an ego 😂 😂 😂
  3. pablo34

    It's honestly about consistency

    It's honestly about consistency
  4. pablo34

    Good Job!!!

    Good Job!!!
  5. pablo34

    School captain tip needed!!

    They probably didn't think you were capable, which makes sense
  6. pablo34

    School captain tip needed!!

    you should still tryout, you never could make it
  7. pablo34

    Good Job, but didn't ask

    Good Job, but didn't ask
  8. pablo34

    bad atar scenario

    You could've just looked that up ON GOOGLE if you didn't know...
  9. pablo34

    bad atar scenario

    I'd immediately go to bunnings and I'd buy the thickest, roughest rope I can find. Then I would go back home to my parents room and tie a the rope to their fan and make a noose. Then I would set a mini table with the screen of my atar facing the doorway of my parent's room. Then I would call...
  10. pablo34

    Does English count???

    yeah english will be substituted
  11. pablo34

    2024 HSC Chat

    why do you care
  12. pablo34

    Format for writing english essays

    It's less about structure if you are 1-3 marks away from full marks, and more about wording and cohesion. Add some buzz words to make sure you sound smart and when integrating quotes you want it to be cohesive :)
  13. pablo34

    How hard to get 90+ atar?

    Did I say anything wrong???
  14. pablo34

    is it joever for my wishes of 80+ ATAR?

    Yeahhhh its over don't have any chance :)
  15. pablo34

    How hard to get 90+ atar?

    Its pretty easy...unless you're dumb :)
  16. pablo34

    How are people so smart?

    It depends on how abstract the subject is. Typically, the speed at which you consume information determines your potential for achieving a high mark.