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    Picture book for distinctive voices related text?

    Can we use a picture book for distinctive voices related text? I'm thinking of doing "Belonging" by Jeannie Baker
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    Is Maths extension 2 hard?

    I'm in year 11 and doing 3 unit maths. I'm not sure if I should do 4unit maths in year 12 because my teacher said that ext 2 maths is very very hard and a lot of work. I'm coming first in my maths class, and find mathematics easy and maths ext 1 alright. I struggle with geometry a lot such as...
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    Is it possible for me to get 90+ATAR??

    I'm currently in year 11 doing advanced english, 3unit maths, chemistry, biology, religion u1 and Industrial tech. I'm going to drop IT next year and I'm thinking of dropping down to standard english. My grades for first semester of year11: English: C Chem:B Bio, Maths, Maths E1, Religion...
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    Advance to standard?

    I'm also in the same situation as you :( English wasn't my first language so I have to try extra extra hard in English. I'm thinking of dropping down too because all the formal assessments I've done in English, I am below average. But everyone's saying standard is bad. I wish I could do ESL...
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    English Advanced or Standard

    Thank you. But if my expectation of my english mark is like 60, wouldn't it be better to drop to standard? Like you said the marks have lower expectations that means they mark easily on students. If I'm going to do bad in standard like really bad like not even passing, wouldn't it be better to...
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    English Advanced or Standard

    I need some serious advice -_-
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    English Advanced or Standard

    So I've been doing english advanced for year 11 and I'm doing really really bad. I'm thinking of dropping down because if you do bad in advanced english it scales bad anyway so why not just do standard. I'm not aiming high for my english mark so not being able to get band 6 in standard is...