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    Chosen Text - Spirited away.

    I've chosen Spirited away as one of my own chosen text for immaginative journey because it was listed in the "supp text - imaginative" and i rewatch it several times and know the story line. But i actually dont get why it's an imaginative journey, can somebody explain to me what elements make...
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    History & Memory - the 50th gate (does anybody know how to answer the essay question)

    so the fifteeth gate is a novel by Mark Baker about his parents experiences as Jewish people who survived the holocaust and came to australia - I've read the novel. I'm finding troubles to write an essay for history and memory, can anybody help me? whats history and memory about anyway??:bomb:
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    I like King Lear, To me there was more female characters in this shakespear play so i enjoyed it more^^:guitar: normally if theres more males in one play i find it boring, i found Hamlet boring, Romio and juilet boring, Othello boring, I personally liked King Lear because of the powerful...