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    Has anyone else already been accepted for early entry via the PRS?

    Yeah I'm Pretty sure the rest are offered in the main round, sometime in January.
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    Has anyone else already been accepted for early entry via the PRS?

    So apparently the results For the Principal's Reccommendations scheme will be released via UAC on Thurs 5th December. Good Luck!!!
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    General thoughts

    Comfortable band 5 - mid band 6, between 80 - 95 i'm assuming. Now off to study for art.
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    Multiple choice ipt 2013

    I got these as my multiple choice answer, Some i'm not sure about but the rest is pretty solid 1. c 2. d. 3 d 4 a 5 b (could be c) 6 d 7 d 8 c 9 b 10 c 11 d 12 a 13 c 14 d 15 d 16 a 17 a 18 b 19 d 20 d
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    B Design

    Bumped the thread once more. Just want some opinions from people who are considering it/ doing it on what it is like? Thanks
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    Schoolies in Jervis Bay?

    So a group of 7 mates and me are heading south to Jervis bay for a week. Just wondering if anyone else will be in the area to hook up and P-A-R-T-Y!!!!
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    Anyone else off to Japan?

    I'll be heading over there end of January- early February but not for schoolies. Will be having 3 days in Tokyo then off to Furano for 7 days of skiing. AMAZING!! I won't be able to drink (only 17 now) but that doesn't really worry me
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    Raw Mark Band 6 Cut Off?

    Cutoff will probably be ~90 as the exam wasn't too difficult.
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    Need some help!

    Heres the link for the relocation scholarship: Relocation Scholarship
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    Need some help!

    I found that new ressies 170$ + 23 (utilities) plus 15$(internet 40 gb) plus 15$ (Phone expenses) plus 12$ (post box) is around 20$ cheaper. For New apartment its 248/258 (depending on if you want deluxe [includes couch]) which includes all mentioned previously while providing me with my own...
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    Need some help!

    So i've actually gone over all the figures and calculated that it's 15$ more for you're own self contained place in the cooper lodge ( than a new ressie with 40gb internet per month. Hence I have changed my application form and gotten one...
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    Need some help!

    Honestly just try and aim for either one by applying for them and if you get into one but don't like it just transfer to the other. As for accommodation the two most common are the old ressies and new ressies. As I am also going to be moving from Sydney I'll be applying for old then new. Both...
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    Roll Call: Class of 2013

    Sup everyone Adv. English 3U maths Senior Science IPT Visual Art Atar aim: 65+
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    Has anyone else already been accepted for early entry via the PRS?

    Just wondering if anyone else who has applied for the Principals Recommendation Scheme has already been accepted like me? Many Thanks, ST
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    Early Entry - University of Canberra - 2014

    I'll be applying for Early entry into a B of Design for next year. Hoping for the best, Preparing for the worst!
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    Cost of staying on campus each week??

    Hi all, Considering doing a B of design at UC in 2014 but currently live in Sydney. Did anyone move to Canberra to study at this university? And how much does it cost you roughly to stay on campus each week? Also how do you find studying at UC? Many thanks, ST