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    Formals (yr12); Semi-Formals (yr11); Socials (yr10)

    i don't see the point of having a flu conference if all they did is blame each other on where the virus originated...
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    UNSW vs Syd Uni

    heheee i'm doin med sci at unsw too apart from the fact that med sci at usyd went up by quite a bit, med sci at unsw doesn't have phys as a core subject!! but yea, i've heard that science at usyd is supposed to be better...
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    UNSW graduates = low employment rate

    haha unsw doesn't have a business faculty unsw calls it commerce, business is usually associated wif uts i believe, but then again i'm not doing nefin in that field so i could be wrong however, i can tell u that unsw is the second most recognised uni in nsw after usyd
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    UAI Prediction Plz?

    hehe cool, thanx heapz!
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    UAI Prediction Plz?

    hey! i'm really freaked atm coz i need mid 90s but i'm not sure i can get it. can anyone gimme a rough idea of wat i should be expecting tomorrow? (these are the overall marks) mathematics- 95/100- band 6 chemistry - 85/100 - band 5 economics- 82 - band 5 english advanced - 83/100-...
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    how many pages?

    but, wif the creative writing, length is less important compared to creativity it's jez like the paper 1, the req'd length is around 450 words for the creative writing
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    ext 1 exam thoughts?

    why's everyone doing real inspector hound here!? i did cordelia and how she wanted to be a proper detective in the police force... i thought it woulda been easier
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    multipule choice answers

    which was D for q.5? i put the one wif the bunsen and filter the filter is right... i'm pretty sure coz u need to remove the suspended particles first
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    Indy chem ~ eq. const.

    was the last qusetion fulla crap or is it just my impression... i picked... solvay process and contact process . . .
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    How was it ??

    i found the paper harder than last yrs; nothing too hard but, a bit surprised... the calculations were easy :) uhh... wat did ppl write for a page on the monitoring of the haber process?! i found myself repeating myself kinda... cuz the question was very specific about the conditions... i.e...
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    Indy chem ~ eq. const.

    K was 800 that was wat almost all the guys in my class got... (sbhs) so... i'm feeling pretty confident about that answer =D
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    multipule choice answers

    15 is D... cuz, the buffer will aborb a small amount of acid before the pH decreases i thought the MC was harder than previous years... is that the general opinion or is it just me?!
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    reason for difficulty....

    questions one to five were fairly straight forward... cept for the gay geometry questions quesitons 6 & 7 were... screwed... >.<
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    extension 1 paper

    yay! no more maths... still got eng ext tho >.<
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    what would be raw mark 4 band6??

    hope i get my band 6, 2u maths is the subject i'm most likely to get it ... and then my name will be in the paper! =D without stupid mistakes, i'm looking at around 108/120
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    How did you go?

    gay paper! no parametrics, no circle geo, altho, someppl were telling me u had to draw a circle somewhere... some REALLY gay projectile question and a tiny SMH question... argh! >.<
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    School / Subject

    hey! i'm at sbhs >.< eng ad eng ext1 maths ext 1 phys chem eco. very.. err.. typical azn subjects.. cept, eng ext 1 insteada 4u maths =P
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    some adivce

    i'm bombing out in phys and i would like to drop, cept, after thinking about uni courses and stuff, i decided not to since alota courses need phys or at least, phys would be useful i really didn't wana do a bridging course but yea, i'd drop biz if i didn't like it coz it doesn't realy get u...
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    To all those job seekers

    whai r there so mani jobs at fast food places but none at department stores? omigosh.. i dun wana work at mac'ers flipping burgers >.<