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    Entertainment... Lame

    hey guys! the new syllabus sucks someting shocking.... what about all the technical stuff were actually sposed to be learning? and yeah ur right, a multicore is a massive cable with multiple little cables inside, so in the diagram it would be used to connect all the inputs (microphones, cd...
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    hey coz sting was accompanied by the brodsky quartet it can be assumed that it is a regual string quartet, ie made up of violin and viola, cello and double bass (or i think sometimes the viola can be a second violin)
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    Re: Thoughts... q4 was awesome! james morrison is an awesome trumpet player and the question really suited the piece.... question one was hard because theres only so much u can say about synthesisers, and the question about the relationship between melody and accompaniment was unlike...
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    how much does the independant trial suck!? our teacher got together with some other schools and wrote one of their own which they said was harder but personally i think the independant was worse.... does neone still want a copy of one other than the independant? adn does neone else here do...
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    Class of 2006 - what text are you doing?

    wow theres someone else doing twl/tga! how crap is it tryig to find stuff to do with them! i cant even find example essays on them from the standards packages
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    How does MRI work?

    if you want further information about how mri works check out the website and go to medical physics and there u will find another explanation.... :)
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    2006 HCS Texts

    is anyone here doing throwim way leg and the golden age? they are really hard to find any information on and there are no study guides so i would be really appreciative if anyone else had some information to share on it....
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    Jerseys for yr 12 2006! (merged)

    hey guys.... reading the previous pages im thinking that were all in the same boat with our jerseys but its got to suck for all of u with limitaions.... my biggest problem is with the cost- all of u seem to be paying about $80 but my school is charging $100 or more for ours depending on how many...
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    hey guys! NIDA is having an open day in june which looks awesome for anyone looking to go there in the future.... like megz said there are electives in entertainment for stuff like costume prop and set design and front of house stuff but none of them can be tested so its all the core stuff...
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    hi im doing the entertainment course.... how r u finding it? and wat electives r u doing? were doing alot of front of house stuff which is pretty boring but its also pretty easy....
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    Just want to confirm something about tiration

    hi.... dont kno if this is going to help but everyone else is saying both things.... we hav just done this experiment in class and we had HCl of unknown concentration in the burette adding it to a conical flask of sodium carbonate of which we had measured out and mixed to be the primary...
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    the 'I HATE SUPRE' thread

    lol! does anyone remember the old supre? if u dont im sure ur mums will. supre used to sell clothes aimed at older people- people aged over 30, (not that theyre old but its not really supre aimed age group now....) adn they catered for sizes up to 26 and 28. how do i kno this? looking through...
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    acid in foods

    hey guys does anyone kno where u can get information about acid used as food additives based on chemical properties? and information about production of esters that can be synthesised?