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    Switching courses- wanting to do speech path

    hi thanks so much for your help! unfortunately i finally got in contact with the uni and they said that speech path’s one of the few courses that takes in students in only the first semester and therefore i do have to wait the entire year either way :((… however when i called them, it wasn’t...
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    Switching courses- wanting to do speech path

    So I wanted to get into the Bachelor of Applied Science Speech Pathology and received a 97.6 atar but didn’t get an offer for the Feb rounds. Is it possible to switch into the course before the census date when people might drop it? Or do I have to wait a whole year to get into the course? I did...
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    Internal marks and rankings vs external marks- what ATAR did you end up getting?

    Hi, I'm currently stressing out about my internal rankings at my school. Currently, my average results/rankings are; - English adv: 89.6% (3/35) - maths adv 83%(10/36) - biology 73%(2/32) - business studies 100%(1/56) - community and family studies 91%(4/28) - society and culture 92.5%(3/23)...