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    CFCs and Ozone

    yeah nice link gem010 so F stays with the orignal molecule.. coool.. thanks all
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    CFCs and Ozone

    ah so ah... Fluorine deosnt react becuase there is no fluorine free radical formed? what determines their reactivity? :$ the intermolecular forces? ie. BrO isnt held togehter very tightly... so its reactive coz it will break/ eact with other stuff?.... and Fluorine whatever its with is...
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    CFCs and Ozone

    ummmm ok so CFCs are manufactuered hydrocarbons with cholrine and fluroine replacing some hydrogens... the whole big thing about them is that they go up into the stratosphere get broken down by energy from the uv radiation. this is a problem becuase halogens react with the ozone???? to form...
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    define context?

    hey could anyone give me a rough definintion of the dtiffernt types of contexts, like social cultural historical ah, please. so ah yeah..that.. eg. wordsworth's social= french revolution???? historical= romanticism???? no idea which is which and means what etc any help would be great if you can...
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    cells: galvanic vs electrolytic: electrodes

    so ah galvanic cells, the reactions occur simulataneously and there are two half cells?.. electrolytic, a voltage is applied to make the reaction occur... and there is only one cell? ... in a galvanic cell the anode is negative but in the electrolytic cell the anode is positive?? why??? ...
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    answers ;)

    that is great!! thankyou so much! :D if i could afford it, if knew you and i was legal, id buy you a drink
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    answers ;)

    lol.. right.. ah yes, yes i am doing the cssa physics tomorrow! :o how did you know? *suspisious* errrrr.. outline the property of electrons that allows them to be focused isng electric and magnetic fileds but prevents x-rays frombeing focused.... !!!! :S:S:S:S:S
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    answers ;)

    jacaranda, hsc, physics 2, text book does any one have the answers to the questions?... it has answers for mathematicla stuff but not the knowledge and some info isnt in the book anywhere.... ...mso... if anyone... does... who would like to post/send them... ..or just exchange answers that...
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    Powerplay - Related Texts

    found an alright link for pliticial cartoons, its a modern history site, but yeah, and.. shows how to analyse, and symbols and stuff, then some cartoons... if...anyones interested.... ... :)
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    Elective 2: Powerplay Help

    isnt it just like... what techniuques the composers use, and justify why they used them... like the topic is representation and text so the composer deleberately selected and emphasised certain dialogue or stage directions etc. so to repreent the power/play ..that my.... input.. :) :S
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    Antony and Cleopatra - Sample Essay

    Wric, what do you define 'powerplay' to be? My understanding is the gain, maintain, and use of power ... but im not so sure...
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    are you bored?

    i wrote a practice essay, which took me forever, way longer than 40mins :S and it is waaay too long, but i have no idea what to cut out, what to write, what is needed/ not... :S if there are any bored individuals out there keen on english and willing to go through it for me id appreciate it sooo...
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    problem with the dopper effect

    Re: problem with the dopper effect II great! thanks alcalder! i think thats what i wanted to know :)
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    problem with the dopper effect

    Re: problem with the dopper effect II doppler effect.... without linking it to ultrasound etc. exactly just describing it if the source is moving, waves infront bunch up; increasing frequency blah blah and waves behind spread out and opposite happens... in diagrams i have seen the wavelengths...
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    Australian Maritime Projects

    lol damnit i should have checked my post wasnt expecting replies! :$ thanks so much for the offer! :) i managed to get some stuff from class mates.. :s yeah im pretty sure the booklets are the same for all schools now that ive done it i can help you too! ooo! or try... well, i recorded on my...
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    Australian Maritime Projects

    heya... yeah i went to the maritime museum and had that little booklety thing to fill out... i hate to be scabby...but... does anyone have their notes still lying around, with answers to the pracs done? eg. relating materials to pictures. i/my group was slow and didnt get much done :$ ah...