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    Help with trig proof and limit question??

    Hey there, I'm having some troubles with this question here. I think I know what to do to prove the two equations but I'm not really sure if I'm doing the limit part right . Could someone give me a hand? Thanks in advance! (Question attached).
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    Helppp please, what's the message of this poem??

    The blue crane fishing in Cooloola’s twilight has fished there longer than our centuries. He is the certain heir of lake and evening, and he will wear their colour till he dies, * but I’m a stranger, come of a conquering people. I cannot share his calm, who watch his lake, being...
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    How many hours do you study?

    :) sweet good luck! I'm doing pretty well in physics, so if you ever need - I could help ahaha
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    How many hours do you study?

    Hey there, just curious about the amount of time people study in high school. I current study about three hours a day and I am in year 11. I'm doing the "Suicide Six" (English, Maths B Accelerated, Maths C, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and just was wondering if I should do more or...
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    How to find the rank of your school ?

    This is a great website which I use :)