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    texts and human experience -1984 , 19/20

    1984 presentation with link to V for vendetta at end, not needed for HSC. Got 19/20 on this bad boy. this is the link because the file is too big
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    Contemporary designer CARLA ZAMPATTI - 29/30

    Carla zampatti research task for design module, textiles and design hsc. got 29/30 bibliography is downloadable, doc was too big link to doc here
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    Biology task 3 - 29/30 (97%)

    my assignment on modelling louis pasteur's swan-neck flask experiment. got 29/30.minor corrections regarding results section.
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    Assignment on point mutations - 98%

    Assignment on point mutations. got 29.5/30 which is 98%. Only correction was to introduce non-infectious disease.