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  1. Sprinkles~

    Depression & University.

    uni is just plain depressing, as much as i love it.
  2. Sprinkles~

    Depression & University.

    omg, someone else who buys starbursts everyday haha! :D oh yes and to the OP i feel the same way. i feel like uni is impossible for me... being chronically sick and trying to get work done sucks big time. plus crap always seems to happen to me right around times when exams or assignments are...
  3. Sprinkles~

    I'm really scared

    Hey, I can't imagine how hard that must be for you, doing the HSC must be a constant reminder of what happened and how much you miss her. Was she the girl of the news that year, the dancer? I really do think it would be a good idea for you to talk to someone, your school counsellor would...
  4. Sprinkles~

    Deferring HSC (Pathways)

    that's so weird, it wouldnt be valid o.O i did pathways & at the end of each year you get a HSC record of acheivement certificate with the course you've done so far, but your HSC is not complete until you've fullfilled 10 units of acheivement.
  5. Sprinkles~

    B arts/psychology means UNEMPLOYMENT, true or false?

    to join lifeline you need to do their training course and pass all of their requirements. even just doing the training course and having that on your resume is a good thing even if you dont end up doing the phone counselling, since it doesn't work out for everyone. but kids help line doesn't...
  6. Sprinkles~

    Can i still do it ?

    Hey, Of course you can do it, don't give up just yet :) When you get back to school the first thing I'd suggest is that you go speak to your teachers, year advisor or principal about what can be done. Since you missed so much school and had a big disadvantage they should be able to do work...
  7. Sprinkles~

    age issues - to defer or not to defer

    Honestly, I really don't think it's a big deal at all. I know a girl who started uni last year and had only just turned 16 at the time, and it didn't bother anyone that she was younger. Apart from the fact that you can't go out clubbing if that's what your friends are into (none of mine are, so...
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    how many...

    Okay, copied straight off the notes we got given yesterday in our pre-professional psych lecture yesterday. Academic psych's work for universities and conduct research, so I'm pretty sure that's what you mean. What are the main roles of academic psychologists? * Research and research...
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    All you want to know about the Educational Access Scheme (EAS).

    To have enough documentation you would probably have had to be seeing a counsellor and your school would have had to have been made aware from the start you were having family difficulties over the past year. That's because you would need lots of documentation eg letters from a counsellor who...
  10. Sprinkles~

    My friend wants to drop out...

    My advice would be don't pressure her, and don't tell her what you think she "should" do. She's obviously already feeling really pressured and discouraged, and being pushed too much could make her want to do just the opposite of what everyone wants. She might not be serious about dropping...
  11. Sprinkles~

    Repeat year 12 again?.....

    fill out the forms!!! you sound so much like me last year "no i wont fill them out, it wont really make a difference wont be enough.... yayaya" i completely refused at first. if i hadn't have listened to my teachers in the end, i would not be in university this year. trust me, i...
  12. Sprinkles~

    Who's doing year 12 again?

    I'm sure! I did pathways, and then almost had to redo my subjects from last year again, so I had all that stuff explained :) So basically, they calculate your UAI based on your newest results for a subject, so if you repeated something they'd use those marks.
  13. Sprinkles~

    Who's doing year 12 again?

    They don't take an average of the 2 UAI's, they take the second one - regardless of whether it ends up being higher or lower than the first. You'd may as well do the exams this year, you never know how you might go!
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    How to score good grades in exams?Share your secrets here.

    I crammed a couple of days right before my exam and pulled almost-all-nighters. I still managed to go really well but I am not doing it this semester, I learnt my lesson and it's so not worth the stress and insanity. I'll probably end up procrastinating all semester anyway, I almost wish I'd...
  15. Sprinkles~

    Repeat year 12 again?.....

    THREE years??? insanity much? :eek: omg, she has no idea what she's in for haha, 2 years is already too much. is there any specific reason that means she has to do that, or is she just choosing it to try and get some perfect UAI?
  16. Sprinkles~

    Repeat year 12 again?.....

    i *sort of* repeated year 12, i didn't actually repeat any subjects but i did pathways over 2 years. it takes a hell of a lot of motivation to do two years of the HSC especially because it you feel like you're going backwards and really left behind when all your friends are in uni, travelling or...
  17. Sprinkles~

    DFEE Courses

    Nope, the DFEE UAI was actually higher than the CSP. It does happen, because like I said it depends on demand.
  18. Sprinkles~

    DFEE Courses

    yep! because more people would have applied for the DFEE course, which raised the UAI
  19. Sprinkles~

    DFEE Courses

    Sometimes the UAI for DFEE courses is actually higher, happened with quite a few at some uni's last year :p
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    Difference between Bpsych courses.

    exactly right. you do not need to do honors in your fourth year, unless you want to go to into the research field, or want to because you are able to.