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    Table Tennis blade for each type of Playing?

    From my experience for the johnny huang, teng yi , mattias karlsson style is the cliper cr and Yasaka Goiabao 5 or malin extra special are very good. i'm curious in trying some innerforce blade with short pips. i know that mattias play with malin soft carbon but i tried and is to flexible for my...
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    Best ping pong paddle for spin

    yeah, i know that but its sport related for why i ask the question.
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    Best ping pong paddle for spin

    Hi everyone. I've always loved to play table games. I grew up playing a lot of pool and air hockey with my dad and recently I've really gotten into ping pong. So looking for the best outdoor pro ping pong paddles. For the past several months though, a lot of people at the office have been...
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    IMAX 3D or Real3D?

    I just went to an IMAX movie, and can't comment on the real3d. Maybe the local theater is real 3d. If so, then I don't see much difference. However, the IMAX required that I keep my head straight up and down, or I would see split images. The effect seemed nice with a postproduction quality 3d...
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    Recommendations for upgrading from a beginners flute

    I need to upgrade from a beginners flute to one that will take DD up to grade 8 and beyond. She is about to take grade 6. Any suggestions or recommendations. Thank you.
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    Help me to choose best piano.

    I'd rather go for this Casio PX-870 BK. The high-quality digital piano with stand and sound protection system. 88 keys. 256 polyphony tones. 4-speaker system. Casio PX-870 BK give the highly-accurate sounds with a powerful performance.
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    Easy Piano Songs for my kids?

    We have a new 2 years baby. My wife likes to sing him songs. (She has no training, but wants to take lessons soon, to match my piano lessons.) Many of the nursery rhymes aren't so nice (ever read the lyrics to Rock a bye Baby?) If anyone knows easy piano song for kids. Thanks for any help
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    Windows font corruption

    Yeah, already tried that but not work, but this one helps to solve-
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    Windows font corruption

    Since the last update on Windows 10 (September 2020) my fonts are corrupt. How can I fix it? Any solutions that won't require a reinstall of windows?
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    What is the song in the background ?

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    Ever See a Movie on LSD?

    Mission Impossible
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    What Gaming PC to buy

    Does anyone know what sort of a gaming PC i would need to buy in order play large open world rpg Games such as skyrim or dark souls. Im not too sure about what specifications I would need all i know is that i wanna be able to play these games and to probably download some mods as well. My budget...
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    Whats the best air fryer out there?

    Thanks for your compliment
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    Monitor problem

    Ok so 2 days ago my monitor was working fine. Yesterday i woke up and while i boot it the Turbox logo was double as if i was drunk and different colours were popping up. Also, i noticed a white horizontal line 2 centimetres away from the top. Currently it is hard for me to watch any vids or play...
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    Favourite item of clothing

    Jeans and T-shirt
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    Biking for exercise

    Good treadmills tell you haw many calories you burn, so do good stationary bikes.
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    Translink App

    I'm also never heard about that apps
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    Whats the best air fryer out there?

    Or anyone has any other suggestionsns?
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    Whats the best air fryer out there?

    Looking for the best air fryer. Has anyone got an air fryer? What are they like? Do you use it often?