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    Ok the exam still has an hour to go, and I am already home sitting here writing about it. That was way too short/easy..Imagine what it would have been like if I had studied properly!
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    Drama Exam - thoughts/reflections.

    Ahahahahahahahaha. That was THE worst exam of all time. Seriously bad questions for the Brecht and Australian. My god, the Board of Studies should be ashamed of themselves.
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    Audio Technology.

    Ok, I'm doing Year 12 this year and have basically no idea what I want to do after I finish. I've been looking at the Audio Technology course at the AIM and it looks really interesting. Can anyone give me any insight into their opinions of the course or career opportunities from the course? Any...
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    Official Anticipated Album Releases

    THE MARS VOLTA - Amputechture. August 20th. It's going to be huge..
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    RIP Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett

    Bit of a shame to see him go, although he was completely mental.