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    General Thoughts.

    Question 22, was the answer D cause i remember trying to find the answer by rearranging the sine formula making x subject but got a weird answer so i tried trial and error and 24 so is it D?
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    The questions for most was really broad, for module a talking about the perspective on the world, module b only asking for loses and module c may have been a bit more trickier but still easier then what i expected. I guess since the test was quite easy, were going to need at least high 70's for...
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    Atar estimate

    Our school is current ranked low 300's but will apparently be around top 200-100 because our year is the first year with selective. English standard 22/60 General Maths 10/46 physics 41/52 economics 16/19 Business 14/34