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    Engagement and the HSC

    Congratulations! Just make sure you really could imagine spending life with him forever. My grandmother (I know) she married at the age of 18 and she was very unhappy but don't let that worry you. If its the day before the wedding and you want out (or even the morning) dont make yourself marry...
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    Romanticism: the larger truth

    Hey Everyone! I've been given an essay question with a quote to do in two days time. But I don't completely understand the quote. It is: "More than anything else, Romanticism is a celebration of the Self, and, to the Romantic composer, it was the e xpression of a personal experience that links...
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    Historical Schools of Thought

    Hey Everyone. I have been making some brief summaries of the historical schools of thought and was just wondering if there is information I am missing from each school. This is what I have: Ancient- Purpose was to record history and entertain - Recorded military events...