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    Post Your 2015 Sem 1 Timetable

    Timetable Wanted to have my Friday free but oh well. Maybe next semester. Anyone else here doing Comp Eng?
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    Problems with making UniPass

    To anyone else also having problems: called them and they said there's a problem where students can't log in after making a UniPass and they're working to resolve it. Maybe they've taken the whole system offline for now.
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    Problems with making UniPass

    I'm having the same problem too...
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    Above cut-off = guaranteed entry?

    Does scoring above the ATAR cut-off for a university practically guarantee entry? I'm just asking since UNSW comp eng needs an ATAR of 91.35 and I got 94.95+2 but am still paranoid.
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    Share your 2014 HSC results here Really hoping for an ATAR over 91. I wish I didn't do ext.2 math, it stole way too much of my time. T_T
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    2014 Modern History HSC exam predictions thread

    Power struggle, totalitarianism and collect.+indust. all seem likely imo
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    2014 Modern History HSC exam predictions thread

    -Stalin's cult of personality -His control of the economy through collectivization/industrialization -Terror/Great Purges gave him control of the judicial system- started with the death of Kirov which Stalin then used to arrest and exile thousands of party memors, mainly old Bolsheviks. The...
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    I wrote that power is created through a relationship between H+M...
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Did any other FrankenBladers have to fill their booklets with mental gymnastics?
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    Crobat yells at you until you're okay with the HSC starting soon

    I'm worried I'll do really bad on my exams and won't be able to get into engineering. ):
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    Section 3 - Extended Response

    kek, I did the same. Wrote about how identity and connection shape each other and only realized the perception part later. gg buying rope
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Was expecting something a lot harder seeing as it's the last Belonging paper. I was hoping the essay question would be more abstract :\
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    History & Memory: Related Texts

    Re: History & Memory: Related Texts Has anyone thought of using Palestinian memoirs/novels as related texts for 50th Gate? Not sure if the irony would be appreciated by some markers...