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    predictions for 2020 hsc geography

    i am going to go all in for analyse one o the urban dynamics of change operating in a country turn or a suburb as it only came out twice after i researched all the papers from 2001!
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    can someone tell me why the answer is D? When we calculate CPA, isn't it ironically the longest path, thereby the answer being B? Please help :( Thanks in advance
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    Operation Strategies - Quality control and Quality assurance

    I know this can be a dumb question but isn't quality assurance basically the same as quality control? In general terms, both inspect if it met the 'planned' outcome? What makes it so 'different'?
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    Post any Trial Papers pretty pls

    hi hi sorry i haven't got any one get back to me with trial papers. will send if i find any or get any!
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    predictions for 2020 hsc geography

    anyone have any predictions on our extended responses?
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    Post any Trial Papers pretty pls

    hi, if you have found any may you be able to send me it too?
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    Implementation of Monetary Policy

    Hi, dixon says the 2 main approaches to implementing the monetary policy is monetary targeting and rate-setting monetary. Whereas, riley is explaining it with policy interest rate corridor and open market operations (OMOs). Which one should i be aware of? Is riley going wayyyy too in depth and...
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    Why is AUS in a recession and was not in a recession during the GFC? Was it because of China?

    Did Australia avoid a recession in 2008-09 because the Rudd government provided the economic stimulus package at a 'perfect timing'? Or was it because China was rapidly growing and was still constantly importing AUS commodities?
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    e12 application advice? help!!

    hi hi do you mind sending me your response to the questions or even have any advice for writing the three questions?
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    e12 application advice? help!!

    thank you so much!! i appreciate it :))))
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    e12 application advice? help!!

    hi! im drafting my e12 application right now and i was just wondering if there's anything that you've focused on when writing the three questions? any help with be appreciated!
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    Calculating accounts receivable turnover ratio through Balance Sheet

    How do you calculate the accounts recievable turnover ratio through a balance sheet?
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    how does LIFO (Last in, First out) acts as a tax minimisation strategy for businesses

    thank you thank you thank you!!! this really helped. i tried to get this explained by my teacher multiple times and i still didn't get it ahahha thank you, i really appreciate it
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    Sterilised and Unsterilised intervention of RBA differencing with dirtying the float

    Was studying dixon this whole time until i saw Riley and they've mentioned sterilised and unsterilised intervention? Can someone explain if this is basically dirtying the float? Very confused! Would appreciate anyone that knows anything about the relationship between sterilised, unsterilised...
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    Geography case studies

    For ecosystems at risk, the syllabus outlines 2 case studies to be studied. Do i need to know this in depth? May i be able to know one case study e.g Great Barrier Reef in great detail and have a basic understanding of another case study? Will they ask questions that are directed at like a...