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  1. J

    Just got my message from BOS

    Anyone else? quite happy with my results tbh:)
  2. J

    Need to sell mw3 (ps3)

    I'm sorry, but no one will buy anything second hand that they can get for the same price brand new (or cheaper). you got ripped cause im sure as hell did not pay 100 and i bought it from GAME. BF3 is better though, so that's a positive.
  3. J

    Motorola Defy

    it isn't just me, but whatever. personal opinion i guess, don't care if anyone else wastes money on samsung lol.
  4. J

    Motorola Defy

    if you go research a little bit, you'll find that it isn't just me. On a whole, android doesn't feel very polished, and Samsung hardware is just disappointing.
  5. J

    Motorola Defy

    I honestly couldn't recommend any Samsung mobile device...problem after problem. I have the Nexus S, since launch too. As previously said, you get random reboots, touchscreen recognition issues, in particular, trying to type. And not to mention the keyboard software installed is rubbish...
  6. J

    Gaming Computer

    is this THE tim ashton in my software class? ;)
  7. J

    Gaming Computer are DEFINITELY going to need much more than $500 for anything decent... a decent cpu alone will be about half of that already...
  8. J

    iOS 5

    did anyone else notice, that when you use the quick access to the camera from the lockscreen, that once you press the home button within the camera app, that you have bypassed the lockscreen entirely?
  9. J

    How did everyone go?

    the GIS part sucked because we didnt even learn it in class:/ but i remember skimming the textbook earlier and i wrote most of the things mentioned above so i think i went okay:)
  10. J

    How did everyone go?

    i dont remember very much, but i wrote about privacy and freedom of information about the data that the cameras would be collecting etc..i wrote a lot lol
  11. J

    How did everyone go?

    lol. was a crappy question ill admit
  12. J

    How did everyone go?

    +1. i barely finished, i wrote soo much its ridiculous.
  13. J

    How did everyone go?

    it was alright i suppose..very different from previous years ill admit. some of the questions were VERY easy while others were much harder to answer, mainly on things that dont really matter such as the bandwidth of blutooth lol
  14. J

    How did everyone go?

    i actually found it quite okay. if you did dss as one of your option topics, anyone else agree the part about GIS was absolutely the shittest part of the paper?
  15. J

    Informatics Early Entry

    Was just wondering if anyone else has interviews for any informatics courses. And was wondering how I'd go in terms of trial marks and ranks : english standard -67% 4/80 general maths-85% 5/54 IPT-74% 1/9 SDD-80% 3/11 Music 1-70% 2/11 Yes, english and music sucks as I had a cast on my...