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    comp sci, math or actuarial

    I just applied to roles I was elligible for. Wouldn't say I had a lot of personal projects or the best set of technical knowledge relative to the people applying (mentioned in other posts that I had 0 programming knowledge from high school). However, I had things on my CV that were in my favour...
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    comp sci, math or actuarial

    Agreed with what @uniqueusername1 said. Your individual CV is the most important factor. In terms of landing the interview, I would tend to think that your grades (at whatever uni) matter the most, followed by personal projects or related experience with choice of university being a very minor...
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    comp sci, math or actuarial

    Not much haha, a computer science major may get you to take discrete maths (from the maths department) but otherwise there really isn't that much explicit study of maths, of course you'll see it inherently here and there in courses like algorithms, security and machine learning but it's often...
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    comp sci, math or actuarial

    Finance is pretty broad, if you mean it in the sense of working in IB/Big 4 Accounting/Banks then I would probably include a commerce degree (with finance major) in some kind of combined degree at a Go8 uni. If you are looking for Quant/Trading/Data Science then maths/stats/actl/comp sci would...
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    How HSC Markers, Mark Essays

    There's definitely a possibility of that happening, for my essays I always ensured my intro + first paragraph were the best in the essay. It's probably hard to change the marker's mind if you have a poor start or don't answer the question etc.
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    On track for 99?

    Looks good to me for 99+, especially if you do well externally and get B6 for English. Good luck ;)
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    Uni maths textbooks/resources?

    First year maths is usually some combination of Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics and Discrete Maths. If you want to get your hand on some textbooks you can probably just google some titles and then head to libgen. But for uni, I think most people just make do with some lecture notes, similar...
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    Comp Sci with General Maths?

    Well based on what you've said so far software engineering might be the better option if you want to avoid the maths units haha but you can always switch between degrees/majors at uni from experience
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    Comp Sci with General Maths?

    Well discrete maths is totally different from high school maths so I can see why. I still think it can be done if you put in the hours. Anyway, if you are truly scared of it, I guess you can start reading into some of it now haha
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    Dropping subjects

    Drop Modern, don't persist through with a subject you genuinely don't like!
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    Comp Sci with General Maths?

    I did Comp Sci major for undergrad without knowing what coding was in high school, if you put in the hours it should not hold you back. In relation to OPs question, I know plenty of people who said they hated maths/failed it at school but ended up doing fine for first year maths + discrete maths...
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    how can I use other peoples notes??

    I generally made notes for learning + revision purposes. I used notes to refamiliarise myself with the topic (doesn't have to be 100% retention, since you'll keep working on this in what's coming up) since I tended to forget content here and there over the year. Then I immediately jumped into...
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    Yes it theoretically could happen but probably very unlikely since in most cases English is the subject of concern o_O
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    Should I be reading my prescribed texts in the holidays?

    Highly recommend reading your related texts in the holidays. I found that the easiest way to do that was by obtaining a pdf of the book (in a *legal* manner) and then getting some text to speech program read it to me (on my Mac you can now ask Siri to do it but back in the day I would copy paste...
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    How long does it take to learn prelim syllabus for chemistry and physics?

    The main point of prelim is that it sets you up for the HSC in terms of preparing you for assessments and assignment workloads. Whilst I do receall some phys/chem prelim concepts being assumed in the HSC year I think it mainly was either retaught/refreshed (since people like me forget it right...
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    What English tutors do you guys recommend (English advanced)?

    Used to go to Ngo & Sons for Maths as well and had a great time with Mr Mai. For English, I went through a few private tutors but ended up settling with Delta. Might be down to person taste but I found private tutoring lessons to be quite unstructured/unprepared sometimes and exemplarly essays...
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    Sigma science education parramatta

    Pretty sure I saw an FB post saying that they were offering chem now. Seconding ^, probs need to get in quick to get a spot
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    BIOL1008 - Biology bridging course needed?

    I did the old version of BIOL1008 which was known as BIOL1003 without doing HSC Bio (I did Prelim like yourself). I did fine without the bridging course and would have done much better if I had a better group presentation (got dragged down by some freeloaders). You will be taught everything in...
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    How can I do well at school without tutoring??

    Although I went to tutoring for most of my subjects, I'm convinced I could have achieved similar results without it (note that I said could, not would). For me, I only see tutoring as only advantageous in learning content ahead of time so when learnt again at school it is revision and you won't...
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    ATAR Prediction (based off prelim results) + Help with Subject Concerns

    HSC english back in my day was Paper 1 Area of Study: 1 essay, 1 creative and 1 reading task. Paper 2: 3 essays modules A,B,C. I've believe some of this is still intact in this new syllabus but with some things changed quite a lot (module C). So I guess you can adjust what I did to whatever is...