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    need cool pick up lines

    lol "i lost my phone number, can i have yours
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    Buying some equipment and asking for advice about training

    lol, ya i'm pretty sure it's not tendonitis since it would probably hurt if i touch it, it's been occuring for a while. Also i've been to a doc, and his like it's nothing but it's been hurting for like 2yrs, but i try not to put too much pressure on it, like when i use those knee things for...
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    Buying some equipment and asking for advice about training

    hiya, just wondering, i've been looking for some equipment but its really hard to find in the western and south sydney, is there any place to buy a 160lb punching bag cause i saw some on the internet, but there like in western aus or overseas. Also i was looking for a ab board like at paul...
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    how long to get a reply from woolworths

    It's been a while since i hand in my resume to woolworths, but they havnt emailed me that i didnt get the job and they havnt phone me if i got a interview. How long does this process take before they give u a sign
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    how to become a photographer

    lol oh man, i was kinda hoping there would be a easier way of getting into the induesty like a 2week tafe course lol
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    how to become a photographer

    How do i get into the industry?
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    changing business courses

    Is it possible to change from one business course to another without going through uac
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    Interracial relationships

    lol, idk, what people think of me though lol, and even if i did, i wouldnt let my ego get the better of me. Im not weird looking, thats for sure lol. but most people cant guess what am i, people just pressume im korean, japanese or chinese, lol. But some people can tell my euro...
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    Interracial relationships

    im eurasian guy lol, too bad im nervous lol
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    coming late for an exam

    What happens if u come late for a exam , and the teacher gives u extra time to do it. Then he told me, its up to the teacher in parra to decide, does anyone know what the outcome would be?
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    Introduction to economics (case study assignment)

    heya, has anyone done the case study 7.2, the banking oligopoly, kinda stuck on it. "like what form of price leadership is this?", a barometric firm price leadership or a dominant firm price leadership. like u can look at it both ways. For e.g, the dominant firm, u can say that the other...
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    Introduction to economics (case study assignment)

    Is anyone doing that intro to eco group assignment or has anyone done it in the past? is it possible to share that assignment, or if ur doing it now, want to share ideas?
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    200032 Statistics for business

    lol, i never attended the tutorials at uws campbelltown, since the teacher wasnt very good, and just told us the answers that u can easily find on web ct. But if u have trouble at the subject and find it hard, i recommend that u do go to the tutorials and lectures. Also depends if ur tutorial...
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    does anyone know how this works

    like there this equation, idk how it works, can some tell me how it works
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    Changing from full time to part time

    Where could i find the Counsellor at Campbelltown univeristy. also want to change from 4 units to 2 units a semster. Do i just do it at uws student portal or go to the student centre
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    Changing from full time to part time

    How can i change to full time to part time, and i really want to do it before the census date
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    Changing courses

    Heya, Just wondering, im changing, i want to change courses cause i find accounting so boring, and im just think of changing to becoming a mathematics teacher. Is it possible to change with my uai, or do i have to pass my uni course. Also, does the hex thing happen on the 31st of March?
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    what happens for accouting reports and decisions for the first week

    Heya, i got a tutorial this week, and i dont have a book yet because i havnt bought the book, should i be expecting any homework, or would they be talking about the subject and teaching us a bit?
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    UWS Campbeltown Gym

    lol, i might go there on monday to inspect for myself, other people said in this thread the place is kinda small and people waiting for machines to use (if u go after school/work). As long as they have good equipment, and dont have to wait long for the machines, i probably make it a daily routine :)