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    Would these business ideas for tutoring work?

    Hi everyone, Some friends and I were thinking of starting a business that helps tutors more effectively teach students so I wanted to get some opinions here. Any feedback is welcome and if you have any other ideas or frustrations, please let us know.
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    Difference between Accounting & Finance?

    in first year and second year, accting is definitely harder. not sure about later years when fins is "supposed" to get harder but at the rate that its progressing, it doesn't look promising. accting is much more challenging but most ppl would also agree that its much more boring.
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    ~~Mathematics Revising Game~~

    given pi is irrational, prove pi^-1 + pi^-2 + pi^-3 + ... is irrational
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    Maths problems

    Re: Maths Assistance h cot 42 = OA h cot 21 = OB OB^2 - OA^2 = AB^2 (h cot 21 )^2 - (h cot 42 )^2 = 400^2 result then follows
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    bonus points for actuarial studies

    Actuarial studies really isn't that insane as most ppl make it sound. it requires a lot more effort than other commerce subjects but the standards to get part I exemptions from what i've experienced seems to be set pretty low. In my opinion, if you're good at maths and want to make lots of...
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    Actuarial Studies/Applied Finance at Mac Uni

    if u go to macquarie, u'll never find a job... nah kidding. but it seems most actuary graduates go into other sectors such as super, finance, investment banking etc. some of the senior actuary ppl i know told me that firms actually have a hard time recruiting graduates because the pass rate is...
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    Which uni for finance degree ?

    boss: hi, i read ur resume and i'm really looking forward to employing you. you:oh, no worries *smiles, shakes his hand, thinks i've nailed this interview* boss: i heard you were from sydney grammar, is that weird, so was i. i still remember Mr. Amati and his good old jokes. who was ur...
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    Best actuarial academy?

    it doesn't matter about where you learn actuarial, as long as it's convenient for you. actuarial studies itself is a pretty demanding subject, so where ever you choose, don't get too complacent
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    from work experience at a stock broking firm, the best option is an accounting course. however, if u know what stock brokers do, it's barely anything finance related, they're basically just sales pitching telemarketers with another name
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    Anyone actually PLAY tennis???

    i used to play for fun every sunday
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    Band 1 responses. Funny as hell.

    does the board of studies really post up all the band 1 response? lol, it'd be funny to see some other subjects. but this one wasn't completely bad, it did have humour, i always thort that band 1 responses from eng adv were the one sentence responses that didn't sound like english... or maybe...
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    The Anime Thread

    watch air TV... totally flawless, the anime itself starts a bit slow, but picks up from episode 6, then the last few episodes are just breathetaking
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    thanks a lot toffee123, so when u said it was impossible to do both, did u mean timewise (like it'd just be impossible to have the time to do both) or that the sponsors and companies don't allow it. i was thinking about trying an actuarial coop at unsw. since i was also going to double major in...
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    The whole 0.999...=1 argument

    this reminds me of a picture my friend showed me
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    just wondering the same thing, are cadetships taken up before uni begins or when ur a few years into uni? also, are their cadetships for finance since most that i know are accounting? and finally, how much is the workload (is it possible to do a cooperative + cadetship), how much pay and work...
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    Accomodation Confusion

    if ur really that worried about getting internet, u could always get a wireless internet connection like veritel wireless. it's 256/312, $49 a month and 12 gig limit, i think i just slows down after that. u could probabley even set up a wireless network there so u could share the connection as...
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    Does God exist?

    naturally, god wants to save as many souls as possible, he won't let me die like that if he knows i will repent on my deathbed. othawise, there is no god, or he's evil and there's no heaven
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    SMH corrects its error

    that's because he takes card trick lessons... he's paying some magician or someone to teach him... really envious
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    Does God exist?

    who cares. just repent all your sins on your deathbed, that way, you're guaranteed
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    Difference between IPT and Software Design and Development

    lol, but milton, like ur quote suggests, sometimes sdd computing just isn't rigorous enough. some of the blunders were hilarious