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    Largest square

    This is the square: As each angle of a regular pentagon is 108 degrees and for a square it is 90 degrees we can determine all angles in the figure. Hence the ratios between all line segments can also be determined. Given the side length of the pentagon is 1, the lengths of all other line...
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    Largest square

    I agree. At least 3 corners of the largest square must touch the sides of the pentagon or else a larger square can be fit by rotation/translation then dilatation. This leaves the square with all corners on pentagon's sides or the square you suggested, of which your one is the largest.
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    Largest square

    You want the answer?
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    is being an atheist a fashion now?

    atheists are probably outraged most that alot of violence and major spending are due to religious purposes.
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    Climate change Silver linning

    Because of Climate Change, the Great Barrier Reef is already deteriorating massively. Not Good.
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    the aether

    speed of light is very high so elasticity must be high to transfer energy
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    Thyroid gland specifically uses iodine for contolling the body. Infact if you lack iodine in your diet it swells significantly (goitre). This is why iodine isotopes are taken to thyroid gland.
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    Formulae from the Jacaranda textbook

    Also remember there is a data sheet given to you. Make sure you remember that.
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    Superconductors @#*$&!!!!

    Wikipedia is sexy
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    Induction Motors

    Simply: -Changing magnetic fields through rotor induce currents in rotor -Currents in rotor produce magnetic fields -These magnetic fields interact with the original external magnetic fields and motor effect occurs -Rotor rotates and so it is a motor. There must be a lag between rotor motion...
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    soft iron core question

    Voltage induced in secondary coil is proportional to frequency of primary current as a result of Faraday's Law.
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    soft iron core question

    The iron core concentrates almost all the flux through the coils so the size of the core has not much effect here. Eddy currents would increase due to larger place for the currents to flow.
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    Magnetic flux and torque question

    yes, the force on each arm of the coil has no component perpendicular to the plane of coil, so the torque is zero
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    Gravitation Potential Energy help

    Actually it should be 'lower GPE' due to neg sign. sorry about that
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    Gravitation Potential Energy help

    GPE=-GMm/r r = distance from the planet's centre to particle/object in the field m= mass of particle/object M=mass of planet So for the same mass m and distance r the GPE is proportional to M, the mass of planet. So more 'massive' planet would have 'higher GPE' in this interpretation.
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    Gravitation Potential Energy help

    Do you mean GPE with respect to the sun?
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    In case you don't know, it is not compulsory to know the complicated Winkler method. Instead, you can refer to the electrolysis method in which an 'electrolytic oxygen sensor' is used to determine Dissolved Oxygen. The sensor is placed above the test solution and oxygen diffuses into it. This...
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    Primary standards // Standard solution

    You can also use hydrated oxalic acid as a suitable primary standard at school
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    Ethanol as a fuel

    Ethanol is also more reliable in that it can be produced from petroleum cracking as well as fermentation.
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    Bromine Water Equilibrium / Saturation Testing

    Examples of non-polar solvents are cyclohexane and cyclohexene that are relevant to this experiment