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    Biggest Tip For Monologues

    On stage is Not a lucky dip. Only the best of the best get in you have to get full marks nd have approint martial. 8 people from my school got into on stage and 13 people in that year group got full marks. You should be aimming higher than marks any way.
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    Biggest Tip For Monologues

    ALSO DONT TALK TO A CHAIR i HATE people who do that!! I agree with everything in the first post expt if you dont listen to me your gay comment. that is really uncalled for, Gays deserve respect
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    Previous OnStage list of monologues

    yeah that would be great can people please post monologues they have done in the past. I would love to see them. To give myself ideas.
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    Drama Monologues

    I need a monologe as well i've been looking the Boogie MAn from a night mare before Chirstmas and started writting it into a monologe but i have hit a wal any suggestions? If you want something fun to do for a monologe for my yr11 at the end of year we had to do an 8 min monologue. I did the...