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    Raw marks required for Bands

    whaaaaaaaaaaaat as if this is true. *throws all study notes in the air*
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    Raw marks estimate and b5/b6 cut-off.

    multiple choice. I dont know why but I suck at it so bad, and for ALL subjects. the options are so tempting... but yeaa the rest of the exam wasn't too bad
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    I said it would go straight down, not sure if i was suppose to support that claim tho (other students in my class did) & about different gravitation accelerations because the earth isnt a perfect sphere etc. not too sure :S
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    To all HSC students stressing

    I don't know what to do :S i spent so much time focusing on both my history subjects that were this week... & after physics i still have chemistry :| but I'm sure heaps of kids are in the same boat... & when we get into the exam things will come to us... right?
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    All nighter anyone?

    yessss !!!! why oh why have i let this happen D: I dont feel prepared enough
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    Physics and Legal :(

    Physics and the 2 last core sections need to die a terrible death. why do concepts and equations seem a billion times harder the night before an exam D:
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    To all HSC students stressing

    so true.... at times I feign confidence and think ill be okay... but usually at 11pm the night before the exam i realise i dont know nearly enough to get a really good mark... & its just exhausting when so many people have finished at i have my hardest exams yet to come hahah
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    Okay, I have a few questions...

    I am definitely not prepared for this exam...
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    Section IV - International Studies in Peace and Conflict

    That failure to maintain their initial success just contributed to a hell of a lot of reasons for their defeat... mainly america's impact. Lack of consolidation (of their advance til 1942) allowed for allied counter-offence to be successful etc I said japan's defeat was inevitable after Pearl...
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    Relationships & HSC

    I got dumped a week before the HSC exams started cause he knew i was going to do it after... but it wasnt that bad, it actually motivated me to study more and do better than him (which wont be that hard seeing as he's not the brightest haha) I thought it would affect me more but given the...
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    Awkward moment when extension history is in 2 days and you feel like you know nothing

    Re: Awkward moment when extension history is in 2 days and you feel like you know not I'm honestly in the same boat... I've ignored ext hist all year because I've assumed it wont count, but maybe it will I think I'm okay with the case study (JFK) but just going to go over historians etc for...