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  1. Conspirocy

    Sections III, IV - Extended Response

    Question 25 was about impacts of changes in the global economy on the Balance of Payments. Do you mean question 26? Did you say how any of this impacts the balance of payments?
  2. Conspirocy

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    well yeah its actually over 50 worth of fines and they go all psyco on you having access to anything then they block acccess on myunsw but im hoping that it doesnt stop the system from sending my marks out via email. im hoping there is a flaw in their system...probably not though
  3. Conspirocy

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    so back to my original question...if i havent paid library fines yeah i cant see my results on myunsw; does that stop them from being emailed to me? i dont think unsw is that smart
  4. Conspirocy

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    stuff it im going out and checking when i get home. im sick of waiting
  5. Conspirocy

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    were results sent to the zmail account or your old student mail account?
  6. Conspirocy

    The S1 2009 Results Prediction/Real Thread

    Are they going to email results tonight like they usually do? Also say I have library fines and can't access myunsw, that wont stop them from emailing me my marks will it? If it does I'll be thoroughly pissed. Like I know I wont be able to access them on myunsw, but the email still goes...
  7. Conspirocy

    The s2 2008 Uni Results thread

    They released them via the emails at 12am probably to avoid congestion. So yeah same thing will probably happen again I guess
  8. Conspirocy

    What is your ultimate UNSW uni fantasy

    I wish that they would just give you the degree after a day. Now that would be sweet.
  9. Conspirocy

    would u sacrifise uni over course?

    For my HSC I got into B Ec UNSW first round. Then I got a late round offer for B Com USYD. I still went to UNSW. I think it's that good. But I am biased. Plus I was always going to do an economics major. Your second major can be in whatever you want. And you might even like a major in...
  10. Conspirocy

    Investment Banking Internships 2008

    i heard two years ago one of the deloitte winter vaccies passed out at brookylnn bar and was taken to hospital! good times lol
  11. Conspirocy

    PwC or EY...

    Who said I had to explain myself. I said what I said. It's a subjective opinion. PwC or EY? Yeah I'm sure there is a logical and rational answer to that question that can be fully backed up. Not. And besides based on your logic I'm the only one being castrated (probably for suggesting EY over...
  12. Conspirocy

    PwC or EY...

    There is no need to call me a moron or try to discount my view. You really displayed your intelligence and maturity. Both of you.
  13. Conspirocy

    PwC or EY...

    u really need to go to EY but you will probably go to PwC because of its prestige an find out the hard way.
  14. Conspirocy

    Finance...why bother?

    Yeah I fully understand your points. I would say that I have researched all the subjects more than just looking at the handbook description. I've also spoken to past students and looked at past course outlines for the subjects. But that isn't really important. I guess my point is how people...
  15. Conspirocy

    Finance...why bother?

    So after 3 years of listening to people I know and not thinking much of finance, I finally decided to do some finance subjects and see what all the hype is about. My degree was a com/ec and and I had essentially finished my accounting and economics majors already. After 2 sessions and enough...
  16. Conspirocy

    Comm Bank - SummerConnect Program

    its the same test at most firms. it's just that the IBs want you to perform better in it. It puts you in a percentile, and so some firms start looking at people in a higher percentile. if that makes any sense
  17. Conspirocy

    The s1 2008 Uni Results thread

    hahaha why else would i ask
  18. Conspirocy

    The s1 2008 Uni Results thread

    Are you doing macro 1 next session?
  19. Conspirocy

    Failed Subject first time.. PC the second. OPtions?

    hey im not at macquarie...but ive finished my accounting at unsw. the only way I would justify you having to do this subject again is because if you want to get your professional accreditation in accounting i.e. CA or CPA they wont accept PC's and will send u back to do the course again