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  1. Bimbo

    Raw Marks

    it sank to the bottom of the page overnight :(:p Awww you are sweet :) Good luck with uni, thought you prob won't need it!
  2. Bimbo

    Raw Marks

    Thanks :) Hahaha i already posted a goodbye thread in non-school :p hmm i might visit sometimes...yes i am going back permanently, for at least a year.
  3. Bimbo

    Raw Marks

    Thanks, good luck to you too :) I actually moved out of our house recently...few problems...i'm going back the day after Christmas, as for him, well not sure when he'll be coming over.
  4. Bimbo

    Raw Marks

    unfortunately yes i did quite's really annoying cos i did well in all my assessments, i got 98 for one of them, and then i've just gone right down in all my marks in the last couple of marks..oh well just so glad it's all over :)
  5. Bimbo

    Raw Marks

    i'll be fucking over the moonif i even pass! i might *just* scrape in
  6. Bimbo


    I'm so glad they beat Townsville...i hate the Crocs, Stacker most of all :| He should never have gotten coach of the year last season, it belonged to Goorjian damn it! yeah what's with the 3 games in one round! The whole draw is crap, i remember when they used to not play the same team so...
  7. Bimbo

    Just curious...

    i think they do allow credit transfer, depending on the particular course you are doing. ring tafe info on 131 601 for a definitive answer :)
  8. Bimbo


    are you going to the cairns game on wednesday? yeh i think they can go all the way as well, unbeaten haha...but i think if anyone beats them it'll be the tigers or the hawks. how crap have the crowds been hey..where do u usually sit?
  9. Bimbo

    Ultimo TAFE

    i studied nights there for 4 months at the start of last year
  10. Bimbo


    Hey which ABA team do you support? Go the Sydney Comets!! Did you get to any games this past season? They have some great games... And has anyone gotten to any Kings games this season? I've been to 3 of their 5 home games so far...
  11. Bimbo

    Working after HSC

    Yes i agree with L_K, it would be very hard to convince an employer to take you on for such a short period of time, you'd have much more of a chance if you were simply doing work experience or volunteering but by the sound of it you want a paying job.
  12. Bimbo

    The Exam!!!!!!!!

    i liked it, it was better than i thought. multiple choice- over soo quickly! crime- was ok, i studied a lot for this consumers- very good, 8 and a half pages, very happy with it workplace- alright, 7 pages, wasn't as good as consumers
  13. Bimbo

    enrolment day

    You can have someone enrol on your behalf. Contact the TAFE to get more information, but someone should be able to do it on your behalf, all you will need to do it get your photo taken for your TAFE card at a later date.
  14. Bimbo

    Australian High School subjects

    And what happens if a student doesn't take commerce as a Year 9 or 10 student? There should be a course, perhaps an extension on the careers course, that should be compulsory for students to take. I know what Year 11 and 12 are for, what i am trying to point out which you are obviously not...
  15. Bimbo

    acknowledgement letter??

    they send them after all applications have been received, to allows any late changes to applications etc. Like the previous poster said, November, last year it was mid-late November.
  16. Bimbo

    Australian High School subjects

    I would be really interested to know what people think of the types of subjects being taught in Australian high schools. Do you feel that much of what you have learnt in high school is relevant? Or do you feel that the majority of what you have learnt will never be used again? Are there any...
  17. Bimbo

    motivational songs

    Last Resort is a great song, prob not too motivational though
  18. Bimbo

    freq club

    i *think* it's 'Live'
  19. Bimbo

    Module A - Transformations

    it was alright, not as bad as expected
  20. Bimbo

    Module C - Telling The Truth

    i was happy with it as well, very general.