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  1. Melon4Pumpkin

    Student online ranks!!

    i didnt no my results from skool.. but after looking at the BOS rankings..... i was very happy!!! :)
  2. Melon4Pumpkin


    ive applied for tafe.. at nepean.. for a diploma in childrens services.. hope i get in!!!
  3. Melon4Pumpkin

    BOW pics

    i go to colyton high! i thought id share with u guys my BOW.. Its Mixed Media... & its about sterotypes & how people judge ppl based on an image! They Are Shit But id...
  4. Melon4Pumpkin

    Well Is It What U Expected?

    yeah this exam was weird.. but i can onli do my best.. i chose Q3 for my essay... EASY!!!!
  5. Melon4Pumpkin

    Finished HSC!! (merged)

    i finish my hsc 2day... after visual art... thank god they gave me a non stressful subject last.. WOOOT!
  6. Melon4Pumpkin


    yeah 2 minutes woulda been fine...
  7. Melon4Pumpkin


    I Loved It.. I Was sooooooo Stressed out before the exams.. got in there & was just spun out by how easy it was... i also did major aswell.... i did merce cunningham.. the other era from ^^^ i think i did well... i wrote sooooo much... onli 2 other girls chose that as a major n they...
  8. Melon4Pumpkin

    school chaplain

    personally.. i find this useless... the money can be used for better things... at my skool 4 sure.. its a shit hole!!
  9. Melon4Pumpkin

    Kmart Christmas Casual

    I Applied for a christmas casual job in 2004 for Target I Got The Job & Ive Been There Since.... ive never had problems with shifts.. they give u a few.. spesh coming up to the christmas months!!
  10. Melon4Pumpkin

    Formals (yr12); Semi-Formals (yr11); Socials (yr10)

    My Schools Formal Is On The 21st November... I Cant Wait!!! :D
  11. Melon4Pumpkin


    They Are Good Works.. Were Just Saying The Music Is Annoying... Hope All Goes Well For U! :D
  12. Melon4Pumpkin

    the entrance

    yeah.. me n my mates r heading to norah head which isnt 2 far from there:wave:
  13. Melon4Pumpkin

    Who WON'T be 18 for schoolies?

    I Dont Turn 18 til march next yr.. Bummer... A Huge Group of My Friends & i Are Heading Up To Norah Head On The Centeral Coast.. & Outta The Large Group Majority Of us Will Still Be Youngens.. Its Never Stopped Us Before Tho :rofl:
  14. Melon4Pumpkin

    Big Day Out 2007!

    Ive Got My Ticket!! Cant Wait.. The Killers, Muse, Tool, MCR *Faints*:headbang:
  15. Melon4Pumpkin

    Who is planning on destroying their English books, notes, etc, now that it is over?

    Yeah Me N My Friends Were Joking Aorund About A Bon Fire.. I Hope We Di It.. Would Be Funni!:wave:
  16. Melon4Pumpkin

    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    I Loved this paper! way easier than i expected... all essay omg! i was waiting for something weird n hard but it never came.. im just glad.... ENGLISH IS OVER FOREVER!!!!!
  17. Melon4Pumpkin

    how much did you write and how do you think you went?

    I wrote 5 pages for module one - the henry lawson short storys 4 & a bit for module two - shoe-horn sonata & 4 for module three - komninos... i was happy.. during my trials i only wrote like a page on each so ive learnt something since then
  18. Melon4Pumpkin

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    I Thought the paper was okay I wrote more in it than previous ones like trials... just hoping i get more than my trials for em.. 49/100 Grrr Lol
  19. Melon4Pumpkin

    Major Appreciation

    Is Anybody Doing It?? What U Think About Merce Cunningham & Twyla Tharps Works? What Do U Think Of Revelations By Alvin Ailey? R U Prepared??
  20. Melon4Pumpkin


    Oh I totally Agree.. Listening To It Drives Me Nuts.. Same With That Maria Del Ma Bonnet Songs In Jardi Tancat!! It Hasnt Gone 2 bad other than the annoying ness! :)