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  1. Lwaxana

    IPT Questions and Answers

    The role of the Network Administrator On the network, the control of hardware and software is under the supervision of a network administrator. This job covers the supervision of each of the following tasks: Installing and upgrading network software configuring hardware that involves...
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    Why is the IPT forum dead?

    No idea but ask a question and I'll answer.... :jump:
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    State Ranking mark ?

    I am still wondering how, a few years ago, 8 of the top 10 students were all Year 10 students from one secondary institution.... figure those odds
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    Trial paper tade

    Did you ask your teacher??? they can buy them
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    Ipt yr 12 hsc case study help needed *help pls* ;-;

    Try Westpac they are moving to an agile system at their head office
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    Can someone explain Organizing data to me?

    Think OFF Organising - File Formats Digitizing, bitmapping, audio sampling File types (mp3 into wav) conversion DB/Data structures (file,record,field,characters) S’sheets (tables,rows,columns) Data Dictionary
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    Project management

    System analyst?? you need to look harder in any textbook I grant that some explanations of agile could be confusing so am willing to share this. Advantages of traditional (structured/waterfall) model are: - simple, easy to understand and use as the phases are processed...
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    Decision Support Option

    Am curious what students wrote for the 3 mark response to: "if the smart house experiences a power failure"?
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    Ipt hsc 2013

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    IPT Trials 2013!

    covered by copyright, not supposed to be published externally
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    Textbook for Year 11/12

    There is only one TEXTBOOK covering the new syllabus - Sam Davis' one The Excel book is a STUDY GUIDE.
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    How do you study for IPT? especially the final 3 hour HSC exam

    Look at all the past papers, break the questions into syllabus topic areas. You might even see how some topics are asked more often than others.
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    Newbie in IPT

    Why not ask your questions to your teacher? What kind of work and the number of tests will be decided by YOUR teacher at YOUR school. Memorise of things? this IS the HSC and you'll be sitting a 3 hour written exam and yes you'll need to remember definitions Theory or computer? well if you are...
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    Information Processes and Technology Resource isnt broken
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    Anyone know any online text book to do with Information Processes and Technology?

    Sam D ( has the only textbook produced for this current syllabus.
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    Easy question?

    I wouldnt ask the question but...
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    Studying for IPT assessment task????

    You need to be able to apply the concepts outlined in the syllabus to exam questiono. Learning the syllabus word for word wont guarantee you success.
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    IPT Questions Help

    Piped video ?? not sure where you got that term from Streamed?? multimedia structure in regard to what?? Roles in multimedia are content providers, designers - graphic/web,animator, technicians - audio/video, illustrator, programmers, authors, developers