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    Oral for Girls

    ooooooooooooooo licky licky lickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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    My Mother and her Alcoholism

    poor chicka..... its very common, and i feel sorry for you i was going to ask you to contact your father even though your parents arent together, but as i read on that looks out of the question....... if her boyfriend seems reasonable maybe you could let him in on how he treats you guys. and...
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    need help like the rest of the desperate kiddos here :o

    start of be talking and flirting a bit even if its via email, before you ask him out........... thats most definate. no need to pounce on him and rid of all the fun.
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    How Far, How Fast

    i guess it depends how willing each person is willing to go...............and how much your comfortable with the person.. personally i dont have a time limit i go with the flow........ first time i had sex with my ex i waited 10months first time i hooked up with the guy im seeing now...
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    I have a few questions..

    whats with all the answers of stop when the guy comes? fucking selfish lovers......... i hate people like you. lol and foreplay it up....... for atleast a while before you actually do the dirty...... making her pussy wet and your dick super hard before anything is a bit hands up for the...
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    for guys only

    well of course, guys dont know what the hell is going on. we have to give all the decent advice....... that is actually going to work.. foreplay for sure. and stop trying to root underdeveloped 'gina.
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    resist temptation ?

    thumbs up.. oh oh the rules of attraction when your 15.......... its not as bad as you youngens make it out to be. sex is natural......... hand jobs and all if like skeeta has said, you find some1 that respects you and gives you pussy quivering orgasms then you will be more then willing...
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    An idea?

    10 points for captain obvious lol for some girls its hard to not care, they jst too girly. lol
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    Woman averages 250 orgasms a day !!!!!

    hahahahaahah how funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol imagine that!!! VERY AWKWARD INDEEEEEEEED.
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    What's worst?

    feeeling too much definately does your head in!!!! i love feeling nothing. almost numb yes. lol
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    hooking up with...

    i would like you all to clarify in your stories if the 'hooking up' means sex, or just kissing?
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    Argh Fed Up!

    i jst saw this advice i gave back in march, this was when i first stated going out with the guy (stated above) woahhhhhhhhh........... ive some along away! and what a blind eye i had......... should of recited my notes and stuck with em, coz i got strung along too........ lucky i woke up and...
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    Argh Fed Up!

    sounds like a very similar situaton with me he broke up with me, coz of a situation/issues he had we met up, went out, acted normal but we'rent 'gf/bf' in his eyes, im like wake up dickhead! you dont need a label to see what we have........ i was kinda pissed off about it but wanted to...
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    Question for the ladies?

    one of my friends is the same, as soon as she gota boyfriend she used to come out with us and our guy friends, and lie to her boyfriend, coz he would crack it... he's very over protective..... anyway she doesnt come out anymore, coz its hard for her to lie, coz he calls her every hour or so to...
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    At what stage does someone become your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    *cries* i steped into the wrong topic, right at the heart of my breakup... very comforting.. not! lol but that was totally cute! i wish i had that right now, but its totally opposite... :(
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    shcoolies and sex

    lol slack.
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats doesnt hurt! me and my friend got it at the same place, same time, she had to take hers out a year after coz it got infected, but mine is fine, never any infections nothing.... i cleaned it everyday for about 6 months though.. thats why.. and even now and then i...
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats do the peircings on your ear cartliedge hurt?? and if you decide to take it out after a while, will it heal ?
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    experience or natural?

    i think its natural !!