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  1. Oso

    hecs invoice

    I second that! :D
  2. Oso

    I did not get to get to use PREFERENCE TIMES at all.

    About half of my classes are going to be held in "TBA." So where the hell am I going then, c'mon, I thought they would've had them announced by atleast the week before...
  3. Oso


    Not really, there was meant to be a tour of the new science building, but as it's not done yet they weren't allowed in... Other than that there was almost a 2 hour welcome speech. And that was about it...
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    Hey yeah, I think you're right... :D Thanks for that. Hopefully I'll see you today for the science welcoming then? :)
  5. Oso

    BS - Physics

    Well I went and had a look at the website, and got this (I'm assuming you mean Applied physics?) and Hopefully that's everything you need ;) If not go to...
  6. Oso


    You know that's a pretty ambiguos comment "uts union (greater than) shit", that means they could be gods! lol I just wish I could meet someone I knew (or that would atleast talk to me.) Sweiously I tried starting conversation with some different people, some simply IGNORED me and walked away...
  7. Oso

    Cost of food at uts??

    Yep, that's what's gonna happen to me too, only it's gonna take me LONGER to get there... >_>
  8. Oso

    Bridging Courses

    lol, yeah Bio was a pretty basic subject I think... You could probably just do as well for picking up a copy of some text book and having a quick skim through...
  9. Oso

    Bridging Courses

    Cool, Yeah I did chemistry, and biology, and physics, I'm somewhat of a science nerd... Lol, I like to brag that I've even gotten an award from uni of Newcastle in Chem and Bio too =P Although I don't know how, I did quite crap through yr 12... >_>
  10. Oso

    Bridging Courses

    Ahoy people. :D I'm going into a Biotechnology degree this year. (YAY!) And I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if I need the Maths Ext bridging course? I've looked around and founr conflicting reports on the matter... So what should I do?
  11. Oso

    Question 19 - Apollo 13/Newton in the Driver's Seat

    I don't remember exactly what I wrote, but I said at the end that it wasn't justified 'cause Newton wasn't the only scientist to contribute to the space travel
  12. Oso


    Just gotta write some stuff about total internal reflection and you''ll be fine.
  13. Oso

    That sorting method

    My chances i nthis test may have been better if I had of had a teacher who could be arsed to actually teach us...
  14. Oso

    multi choice q14

    I said D because -Oxygen content is high at the source. -pH would increse at the limestone quarry -pH would decrease with wastes at the town and Oxygen demand increase from algea and such. At least that my explaination, maybe wrong.
  15. Oso

    multiple choice...WTF?

    I think the problem everyone was having with 15 was that they included the Oxygen from the 4OH molecules in the original. I took it to mean only O2 so I said A.
  16. Oso

    Anyone else miss the last page of Industrial Chem?

    >_> I did this in my biology exam. 7 marks gone for good dammit. >.<
  17. Oso

    Trick question? Shipwrecks and salvage

    I just made some stuff up. I said the water would react in favour to the solutes to produce H2 and O2. Now that I think about it though I'm pretty sure that only happens in an electrolytic cell. meh, nothing I can do about it now...
  18. Oso

    pH experiment

    Teachers at my school who are HSC markers told us, that even if they don't ask for one that you should give one, 'cause it's gonna be in the marking criteria.
  19. Oso

    How did everyone go?

    Wow, everyone has much higher ambitions than me. All I wanna do is a science degree at Newcastle for a lowly 70 UAI. And I get +4 because I'm a local ;). Although my first preferance is 90 UAI for combined B engingeering and B science... I don't really expect to get in though...
  20. Oso

    pH experiment

    Did anyone remember to do a risk assesment?