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  1. darcski

    individual and society

    I thought the wording, with "intimidation" was a bit off, but my teacher said afterwards that they will probably mark quite leniently because of that wording. It was pretty good for me, about 13 pages for the essay (about 8-10 words per line) and 15 for the creative. Had my creative prepared and...
  2. darcski

    German Continuers

    I did (a) for the first writing and (b) for the second, always good to avoid the "persuasive" ones for me. I thought the 4 emails question was really different and more difficult than previous years, I told Carola where to go too haha. Did anyone else notice in the listening how many more...
  3. darcski

    Personal voice in essays!? HELP!

    Do you mean as in the personal voice they tell you not to put in? That would be saying things like "this text showed ME..." or "I...", my teachers have always told me never to use the first person, even if the question is something like "How have these texts contributed to YOUR understanding of...
  4. darcski

    A Message To The Unprepared And Doubtful

    I love how you say "it just takes effort and determination", because you may as well put in some of that effort now if you're planning on doing it sometime.
  5. darcski

    UMAT Results

    yep, sure looking at med sci to grad medicine. but since im rural (6 on the scale of 1-7) and that counts as 1/4 of your entry at unsw, im not giving up on it yet... predicted UAI was 96, so might be ok for rural, i know people in there with UAIs of 91-92.
  6. darcski

    UMAT Results

    Pretty disappointed with this- S1 54 (73 percentile) S2 63 (96) S3 43 (0-20) expected the last score! Overall 53 (68 percentile) Sum of scores: 160 *can't work out an overall percentile since i got the 0-20 haha. have an interview for rural med at UNSW next week, but i guess no...
  7. darcski

    UNSW Medicine Interviews

    yep, got a UNSW RSES interview offer on Tuesday :)
  8. darcski

    the pill

    I suggest Levlen, I've been on it for a year, and I've had no problems. It's also relatively low does hormones so better for you. And forget the myths- there is absolutely no risk in taking the pill continuously. You're not going to get cysts or cancer. Many people have mysconceptions (pardon...
  9. darcski

    losing weight?

    Re: i need to lose weight FAST 'dieting' is very simple- to lose weight what goes in has to be less than what you use EVERY day. and if you're worried about specific areas, the diet is not what will change those (though of course it will help in general), and you're better off just losing...
  10. darcski


    Re: First Preferences? MBBS at UNSW interstate- MBBS at Monash and MBBS at Adelaide Uni