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  1. haru

    Charging laptops

    There are some in the Law Theatre. Dont think theres any in Matthews & CLB
  2. haru

    Enrollment Appointments for S1 2010

    ^ Mgmt Acct 2 also available for sem 1 but only for students who are on their final semester
  3. haru

    Doing acct2542 (corp fin reporting) together with acct3583 (mgmt acct 2)?

    Yeah i wanna know too! , apparently last year's finals both subjects were held on the same day =/
  4. haru

    FINS Electives!!!

    If you wanna do wam booster ones, i suggest Wealth mgmt BFM International Banking
  5. haru


    LOL.. we're doomed for the quiz..he just reads off the lect notes.
  6. haru

    What are some unsual things your lecturer/tutor/lab demonstrator said?

    lol i think that lecturer u mention is Leon Wong. That guy is funny haha
  7. haru

    Legt1711 5e

    2721 also needs this book. not sure whether we can still use the 4th edition. Does anyone know?
  8. haru

    Lost @ 'Enrolment Basket'

    you cannot do Macro 1 unless you have passed Micro 1. The pre-requisite is micro 1. It says on the handbook
  9. haru

    Golden Globes

    quick question, are they gonna show this on free to air tv?
  10. haru

    24 Season 7

    Tony Almeida is back! cant wait~!!
  11. haru

    Game of the Year 2008

    Metal Gear Solid 4
  12. haru

    Is auditing offered in semester 2?

    if you check again at it says it offers in S2 as well.
  13. haru

    LEGT subjects

    im doing 2721 next sem but i was thinking about doing another LEGT subject.. LEGT2761 Law of Banking & Finance. I thinking about doing it since my other major is Finance. Anyone done this? International Business Law does sound interesting, since it offers in both semesters.. I might do it in S2.
  14. haru

    LEGT subjects

    For those people who is majoring in business law, what electives did you do? any recommendations which ones are good (ie. interesting + easy) and which ones are bad?
  15. haru

    PS3 Questions

    what controller do you get if you buy the 40gb? I thought dualshock 3 controller is standard.
  16. haru

    Official PS3 Thread

    you guys reckon nows a good time to buy PS3? $672 for 80gb PS3 + 1 free game (Little big planet, Singstar ABBA, Resistance 2 or Motorstorm Pacific Rift)? or perhaps wait til the after xmas sale?
  17. haru

    Exam Thoughts, S2 2008

    9am 29th november
  18. haru

    Saw V

    Out today, anyone going to see it?
  19. haru

    Best Console Ever

    SNES enough said
  20. haru

    Portfolio Management

    i recommend to pay attention to his book/lecture notes & do every single Q from the textbook. Last sem's midsem average was really low like low 50s.