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  1. MyLuv

    what game r u playing right now?

    At school:slime (soccer;volley ball...) After school:WarCraft3 TFT and Dugeon Siege ...i had many games ^^
  2. MyLuv


    I got a friend doing BE in Telecom.Anyway,he failed SOFT1001 this semester and I just wonder does he need to redo this sub in next semester or he can somehow redo the exam or just ignore it???
  3. MyLuv

    exam results

    nice1,i got 65 for SOFT1901,no clue why it happen o_0,maybe i did crap in exam and i got a few 0s in semester :lol: but i got HD in Math1901 and 1902 and Phys 1901 and Elec :p...wasnt all bad lol
  4. MyLuv

    exam results

    Math1901 : 93 HD Math1902 : 90 HD Phys1901 : 90 HD still waiting for ELEC n SOFT!!good comeback,I screwed up in sem ^^
  5. MyLuv

    Software Development

    How the hell those *group work* shit is in the exam? T_T...and i hate open book exam ,it screws up pp like me who wont study for an open book exam O_0...
  6. MyLuv

    exam results

    u fail with 2 question lol
  7. MyLuv


    They marked the log book a bit tough...It would be cool if they do it like in Phys,if u go to the lab u get full mark :p
  8. MyLuv

    My Homework

    1 for turtle :)
  9. MyLuv


    Yep,its just straight out from the lecture :p
  10. MyLuv


    done !:D
  11. MyLuv

    math1001: differential calculus

    Inst 13 scale to 9 ^^?
  12. MyLuv

    Mid-sem exams, do we have any?

    Really???........omg i m dead.
  13. MyLuv

    cube roots of unity question

    lol..i misread the 1st line (1,w,w^2 is root of unity )...thought w is a general number ^^
  14. MyLuv

    cube roots of unity question

    This 1 is weird...Cant we just say if w is common root of z^3=1 and pz^5+qz+r then pw^5+qw+r=0 so we can just multiply any thing to it and the answer still 0 ie (p+q+r)(pw^5+qw+r)(pw^10+qw+r)=0 ...???
  15. MyLuv

    circle geo question

    Heres an another short and easy way to do this: ang TDE= ang DCE ( arc DE) but ang FED+EDC+ECD=180 --> FED+TDE+EDC=180 ie FED+TDC=180 and FTD+TDC=180 (AB//CD) --> FTD=FED --->F,T,D,E concyclic :)
  16. MyLuv

    Dealing With International Students

    Oh..i see.thats why it s so hard for international stu to make new friend but i've got a few tho,the only problem is sometime they dont know wat i m talking about :)0
  17. MyLuv


    I met KeyPad today,we're actually in the same Physics prac lol
  18. MyLuv

    Software Development

    @Winston: Did u have the Tute at 10am this morning?If so u r in my class :)
  19. MyLuv


    Btw,did every1 know that we can only do work on 1 side of the papera?...:mad:. ..screw me,I have to copy the whole thing again T_T
  20. MyLuv

    Software Development

    And u should also catch the exception when doing it interactively... I did HomeLoan as the extra class :)