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    Help!!what will be like getting in + doing TV production@Wagga Wagga??

    Ok for the assignments; First Semester, First Year -2 minute silent fiction video to be edited in iMovie (groups of 4) -3 minute documentary edited in iMovie (groups of 4) -22 short blog entries reviewing movies seen in class and cinema (for Screen Studies) -2 essays on film (Screen...
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    Help!!what will be like getting in + doing TV production@Wagga Wagga??

    Hey - I'm currently studying 2nd year TV down at Wagga - so here... Not really...as long as you have a passion for TV you'll get in Basically if you've made any videos send them in with your application or interview. Don't worry about industry experience or anything like that. Again, if...
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    NYE 06:: Get your video on TV!

    Hi all BOS members! My friend Paul & I are independent filmmakers in Sydney, Australia. We came up with an idea to collaborate with film makers across the globe to create a documentary about New Year's Eve Around the World. We have the support of Current TV, a US Cable TV Channel that...
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    CSU vs. UC

    Alrightey the UTS course and Tafe are certainly courses I considered; the latter becoming my option B, and I totally ruled UTS out. The thing that I loved about the CSU course the most was its practical nature. Week one of uni I was in a TV studio doing a television show; operating $300K...
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    CSU vs. UC

    Alrightey. Just to let you know, I'm doing Television Production at CSU atm (1st Year), have no knowledge of this UC course and was in the same situation as you living in Sydney. Quite simply if you want to go into television production - the one at CSU is THE course. The facilities are...
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    BOS Labs

    haha that was the same guy that used for VCE. It would be good to have it as a google labsy thing - but according to the site it sounds more of a like nestle big break thing - so very confusing
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    BOS Labs

    Hey all What's the deal with this BOS labs; http://labs.boredofstudies.org - Admins - perhaps some explanation on what it actually is would b nice Andrew
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    the dot point is actually a mistake and it was supposed to b einstein and bohr
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    Bush's Creationism in schools remarks

    Students! Say NO to Intelligent Design http://andrewv.blogsome.com/2005/10/23/an-open-letter-to-federal-education-minister-brendan-nelson/ Please support it as i think it is a great idea
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    Say No To Intelligent Design

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    Throwim Way Leg/the Golden Age

    Hello Is anyone doing this topic???? Does anyone have any notes???? Anyone kno how context relates to them at all????????? Much appreciated Andrew
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    Physics HSC Exam

    do jack shit all year and just do some of that book the night b4 and u're set
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    Grey's Anatomy

    wow....a first for nz to get a show b4 us :P
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    Cssa Trial Exam

    So u want us to post the solutions on the thread - but then dont post the solutions hmmm
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    omg its getting really exciting now! cant wait till next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    ...Too easy...

    sorry m8, i have nfi what u r talking about - 4U is hard enough
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    Drift Velocity

    im pretty sure this got phased out when the revised/updated syllabus came out