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  1. s2ophie

    Answers to Accommodation/Colleges questions at UNSW

    I don't know where you get your info from but i wouldn't say its all totally correct. I would say that there is a college to cater for every person and everybody has a different idea of what fun. The Kenso colleges defintition of fun involves a lot of drinking whereas New is less alcohol...
  2. s2ophie

    Production of the Real Inspector Hound - 13th May

    I'm really glad you liked it!
  3. s2ophie

    Production of the Real Inspector Hound - 13th May

    Woohoo! It's on tinight tomorrow night and saturday night. Come along if you can it should be good. Ring 93811750 for bookings!
  4. s2ophie

    Production of the Real Inspector Hound - 13th May

    yep this one is at UNSW
  5. s2ophie

    Production of The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard

    New College (a college at UNSW) is putting on a performance of Tom Stoppard's 'The Real Inspector Hound' on May 12th, 13th & 14th I know that this is an Extension English text but i figured some people who are studying Stoppard's other plays might want to come along or some people might just...
  6. s2ophie

    Production of the Real Inspector Hound - 13th May

    Here is some updated interest about the play. Its not far away and from what i have seen of rehearsals so far it is coming along very well. At this stage we don't have enough interest for a matinee performance but this could change and i will keep you updated. If you are really keen to come...
  7. s2ophie

    Production of the Real Inspector Hound - 13th May

    Just bumping this up. Please come along - it will be an awesome event and i'll give a updated final details soon.
  8. s2ophie

    Production of the Real Inspector Hound - 13th May

    New College (One of the colleges at UNSW) is putting on Tom Stoppard's play 'The Real Inspector Hound.' I'm one of the producer's and at this stage we are considering putting on a matinee performance if we get the numbers. Seeing as how this is a HSC text, we are hoping to get numbers from...
  9. s2ophie

    spanish tutorials

    turn up at the tutorial time that you want and it should be fine. there is no lecture this week.
  10. s2ophie

    key dates

    for first year spanish you have a block of tests at mid-session and at the end of term. You will have to do a speaking exam, a written exam and possibly a listening exam. You have to do listening tasks each week in the language lab in your own time which form part of your mark. Also you can...
  11. s2ophie

    International Studies - Electives

    last year i did spanish 1001 and 1002
  12. s2ophie

    tutorials.. ?

    for some subjects it is. eg i did spanish1001 and you had to turn up to the seminar class you wanted. If like many ppl you didn't know that classes for spanish started in the 1st week (most arts subjects start in the 2nd week) you could easily miss the class you wanted. Other classes submit...
  13. s2ophie

    tutorials.. ?

    This should help: http://www.unsw.edu.au/virtualHandbook/courses/CHIN1006.html http://languages.arts.unsw.edu.au/chinese/undergraduatestudies/beginners.html
  14. s2ophie

    tutorials.. ?

    chances are that the one one hour lecture is the cultural component of the course. Then you will have the other 4 hours as language classes/seminars. You should go to the language website and it should tell you how it is structured
  15. s2ophie

    Hey guys, Int. relations text books?

    you really don't need to be buying texts yet - especially for arts subjects. They will tell you in 1st week which ones you need. What subjects are you doing?
  16. s2ophie

    Ever won anything online?

    I won US$1000 from a site that no longer exists called sixdegrees.com I totally thought it was a scam and then emailed other ppl that had won and they had already got their cheques. I never went back to the site after i won! And amazingly i still have the money!
  17. s2ophie

    enrolling into Arts classes

    the 6th hour is the hour you are meant to spend in the listening lab doing your listening homework. you do it in your own time so you don't have to enrol in a particular course.
  18. s2ophie

    International Studies

    you can do pretty much any arts subject. do another language or a history subject or comparative development...
  19. s2ophie

    The 'burbs

    Albury - If you are going to the campus which is in the centre of town, ideally you would want to live in central albury but this is where it will be most expensive. From most of central albury you would be in a 5-10 minute walking distance from the campus. You are also about a 15minute drive...
  20. s2ophie

    Accommodation at UNSW

    its pretty late but it can't help trying. once offers come out ppl who had been offered place might not end up coming to UNSW. I would send off your form but ring the college you are applying for and say why you're applying so late.