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  1. J

    OTEN and the HSC

    Hey i did geography through OTEN for the prelim in 04 and hsc 05, i only did it as i was my best subject (i topped my grade in yr 10) and cuz it didnt fit on my school timetable there were major clashes. I didnt enjoy teaching my self a whole 2unit HSC subject probobly cause geo is such a...
  2. J

    URGENT: People who are good at bsing/making excuses PLEASE HELP!!

    think about who is in your class - perhaps someone you dont get along with, say that conflicts with this person (eg you being bullied or hasselled during class) have led to problems in applying yourself during class time. Then go on to say this has led to you falling behind the others as you...
  3. J


    Yeah mixing sum wierd cominations , not reseaching the effects... Well im glad that you have a BM surg and that u understand pharmacology. Im sure u carry a copy of the Mimms wherever you go. Because Dr O T Edge. BSc, BM BM Hons surg, im glad a fully qualified physician like yourself can make...
  4. J

    Section I - Multiple Choice and short answers

    The answer is [A] - to strenthen ties with Brittain, remembering that during this time the majority of christians were english protestants. The irish catholics were against conscription but they were a minority at that time.
  5. J

    What laptop do u want for uni?

    Yeah i won mine as part of a scholership its an ASI laptop but i wish it was a Vaio
  6. J

    New Dragons and Eels chant!

    Hmm Cooper the best defencive centre in the NRL, Bails and Rylesy NSW representitive state of origin and city v country forwards. The rest are just big, strong, men from australias shoalhaven district. Born and bred in the clean air where they can grow and learn the values of Rugby League...
  7. J

    New Dragons and Eels chant!

    Ok so I am a chick. But I know more about league rules and Dragons history than you ever will. Drop them with your left sholder u havnt a chance. The fact that i crash tackled the union captain from the boys school when i was in year 10 shows that i know what i am talking about. From...
  8. J

    Herald Article on Geog

    Its strange though that we havnt seen a mega cities question in a while. But i dont think changing the name to environmental studies is a good idea its not all about the environment. It makes us geo students sound like tree hugging hippies. I really like geo btw so much that i taught it...
  9. J

    St gregs formal is gonna go hectic

    so where do u go riverview?
  10. J

    St gregs formal is gonna go hectic

    hey now thats not true we had st gregs at our skool dance and in comparrison to the other schools they behaved like complete gentlemen. So they are not bogans they simply go to school in Campbeltown. They were also fun and actually asked what your name was before they tried to hook up with you.
  11. J


    yeah it wont matter all u need is for an anal resident or sumthing to see the smoke and your in big trouble. besides take it from someone who lives in sydney who has had family members, relitives and close friends evacuated because of bush fires that u would feel so bad if u started a major...
  12. J

    how would you answer this question???

    Hey dont say that stuff about "rich sydney schools" your class mates shouldnt pull u down. Just do your best. Even though i go to a sydney private school that means nothing if i dont put in the effort. For future reference as well we do not start worrying about our HSC til 3 days before. At the...
  13. J

    PLEASE HELP - can we get Skrzynecki ??

    There is a printed anotholgy called Immigrant Chronicle It is available from all major book retailers For about $15 I would think that it is a good investment
  14. J

    New Dragons and Eels chant!

    umm the fact that this has nothing to do with the dragons or rugby league at all show me that u are running out of material. Also no other Rugby League Team has won 11 grand finals in a row. Its a big legacy to live up to but give it time and it will happen.... Also your lucky that...
  15. J

    New Dragons and Eels chant!

    Im a saints fan and brownie also chocked in 99 but it wasnt his fault it was one of the most controversial penalty trys in league history and btw its hardly a chant its more of a hmmm parody on a nursery rhyme
  16. J

    Schoolies: to do list :)

    hey wat i dont understand is how the father is a well to do doctor and how the tax payers are paying for their defence through legal aid when the father should have enough money to pay for their legal defence. Its stuff like that that gets me wondering who we are helping and race may not have...
  17. J


    yeah im going to noosa 26th to the 3rd ocean breeze all the way fun fun fun in the sun sun sun
  18. J

    Help! Operation of Global networks!!!

    Also the fact that London has so many international airports alone shows how it is connected to the greater global community. Also i think globalisation also has something todo with it. Perhaps you can also mention the tunnel under the english channel and how it alows people to drive or...
  19. J

    HOW the areas of study provide evidence for the theory of evolution

    Ok heres how this works Look at australia and papua new guniea they have similar land animals and marsupials - this is because at some stage in the earths geological history these 2 countries/islands etc were connected by land bridges etc... This is also common of similar plant species...
  20. J

    Blueprint of Life Tips

    umm u forgot commparitive embryology where the embryos of many species all look the same expecially mammals