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    IB Maths Tutor - Sydney

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    Guide to LAT Tutoring

    Funnily enough "poortom" also appears to have gone to James Ruse, same school as Alex. Wow same graduation year and school, what a coincidence or not?
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    Experienced & Affordable ENG ADV (96) tutoring | Attached is my technique list

    Why do you bump this page every half a day even though it has sooo many views?
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    The Woolworths Thread

    whats the best way to get a job at woolworths? just finished my HSC!!
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    Comparison of Maths Ext 2 books

    Yep I found Patel very useful as well as Cambridge
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    Detailed vs Brief notes

    I just made notes on things which I COULDN'T remember. I mean what's the point of learning something which you already know..
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    Running vs Block Writing

    +1, writing 1000+ words per 40 mins is a must for the HSC
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    Using liquid paper

    Waste of time but I don't think it's against the rules
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    Did we have to say which text we wrote the essay on?

    I think the supervisors also fix up our papers after we leave the exam. Like the write in student numbers and stuff if we missed it anywhere
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    Rate the Difficulty

    Mod B was soo hard but the rest of it was ok
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    Short answer

    Pretty sure it's scanned and then marked electronically. Heard my teacher mentioning something about them able to mark it from home. Not sure if it's true though..
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    How difficult did you find the Eco exam?

    Lot easier than last year but the aligning will account for this
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    Rate the difficulty

    +1, yep eco is always harder