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  1. d_carey

    Enough to get in Civil Engineering 2004?

    Agricultural Economics at the University of Sydney, not sure if I'll get it as they are cutting back pretty hard. It's probably more likely that I'll get into B Planning UNSW (2), or B Science UNSW (3), or economics at UWS Campbelltown. I hope I didnt make a mistake.
  2. d_carey

    Enough to get in Civil Engineering 2004?

    I hope I dont regret putting civil down so low. I guess there's alway a chance I could get in. Commander keen does indeed rule.
  3. d_carey

    Enough to get in Civil Engineering 2004?

    Civil engineering at UNSW is my 5th preference, but it is highly unlikely I will be doing this course as I have Economics at UWS Campbelltown as my 4th. I was tempted to put it as a high preference but I was a bit worried about the maths in the end, as I only did 2 unit.
  4. d_carey

    so what kind of news do u prefer?

    guardian reader :mad:
  5. d_carey

    Your annoying/reliable news channels

    British Broadcating Corporation http://news.bbc.co.uk
  6. d_carey

    DOS Programmes

    Which of these (plus Turbo C compiler) do you think is best for making 2D games with reasonable graphics?
  7. d_carey

    Iraq War

    In the short term it would obviously be beneficial for oil reserves to remain publicly owned. However in the medium to longer term privitisation will ensure greater efficiency higher volumes or export, more foreign investment, employment opportunities etc. Losses in oil profits could be offset...
  8. d_carey

    DOS Programmes

    I am interested in making some games for MS DOS. Does anyone here know how to do this or know of any programmes which can be used to create MS DOS programmes, especially with graphics?
  9. d_carey

    Iraq War

    Well I don't think the war was 'necessary' but I would say that overall it was desirable. I think that the scenes of jubilation present in Baghdad once American troops entered the city was justification for the war. I believe the vast majority of people in Iraq are now much better off that...
  10. d_carey

    Uni Cutbacks

    Hi, Is there anyway of finding out if sydney uni has cut places for next year due to the new university funding programme being introuduced by the govt? If so, is there a way of finding out what specific courses places have been cut in?
  11. d_carey

    Latham or Howard?

    Is this what really happened or is it what LATHAM SAID happened. I hope for the sake of this countries future that all the ppl here who say they support Latham are joking.
  12. d_carey

    Latham or Howard?

    Howrard - at least he doesn't go round breaking ppls arms
  13. d_carey

    What do u think?

    I've taken into account my rankings and all and have come up with an average of what I think should be an average of my internal and external marks. English (Advanced): 80 Maths: 70 Physics:85 Economics:90 German (Beginners):80 What do you think, UAI of 85-90?
  14. d_carey

    quick lil question

    IMF Definition (or something close): Globalisation refers to the rapid integration of economies worldwide through increased trade, financial flows, investment, technology spillovers, information networks and cross-cultural currents.
  15. d_carey

    Debating Society?

    Does Sydney Uni have a debating society like how Oxford and Cambridge have the Oxford/Cambridge union?
  16. d_carey

    Short Answer Responses

    If you give a correct definition you should be fine.
  17. d_carey

    Success in 2004 for Economics..

    Yeah Ross Gittins is usually on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  18. d_carey

    Raw Marks

    I reckon raw mark about 87-92, hopefully scaled mark over 90.
  19. d_carey

    Success in 2004 for Economics..

    Also "news.bbc.co.uk" has pretty good ecnoomics coverage most of the time.
  20. d_carey

    Success in 2004 for Economics..

    1. Go through the sylabus closely and make sure you understand each point. 2. Use multiple textboooks to gain a broader knowledge - Tim Dixon is the best, Riley and Bulmer are also good. 3. Keep up to date on latest economics news and statistics through newspapers and magazines eg. SMH...